Nov 22, 2005
everyone on this site really seems to be into really expensive bags like chloe and louis vuitton.
what other designers do you like?
and what is your opinion on coach? (here's one, opinion?)

I like it. It's simple, chic and elegant. A great bag for work. And is the handles plastic looking? It looks plastic. That might be the only think I dislike about it. It's too shiny.
Hi! I think folks on this site appreciate lots of different bags from many designers, I have learned so much here. I really like coach, the quality is great, bags very durable, you'll have it for a long time I'm sure. I like the bag, but when I tried it on it felt uncomforable under my shoulder, another women in the store felt the same way. It's a very nice bag though.
I have to say I have never owned a Coach bag, they just are not my style. I have always had those true designer bags(LV, Chanel, Dior, Goyard, etc). I though assume that Coach is a great brand bc it seems to be so popular and I have only heard great things. I think I just never caught on to it when I was younger instead I went for LV.
I heard that Coach had issues with their lookbook photographers this year and customers (self included) haven't liked the photos b/c they aren't true to life. I saw that bag in person, and the handles don't look strangely shiny like they do in that photo. It comes in a lovely gold tone with a lilac trim, and it's very classy looking. I haven't owned a microfiber coach bag, so I don't know how well it holds up, but I like the style a lot--don't know how it fits on the arm b/c I looked but didn't touch. My fave coach is my soho tote in peacock blue--it's worth every penny and holds all my daily junk, and I'm not afraid to put it to the test--I'm still babying my LV Ribera at this pt:shame: I know it will hold up, I am just so enamored with it and it's such a big purchase that I don't want to mess it up!
i tend to like coach bags on priciple but have balked at buying any (except for my first designer bag, which was a coach) because i always feel like although i like a coach, i can take the couple hundred bucks and put it towards something i LOVE. but i love the bag i have from them, it's help up wonderfully in the few years since i purchased it, it still looks new.
i like coach, too.:amuse: if i could save money for more expensivve brands more easily i would definitely try to buy those but just the variety of colours and styles coach puts out is great. i'm also in love with kate spade which isn't usually very expensive and i love her original styles. but coach will always be my first love :love: ...i think i have at least 10 coach purses...
My first designer bag was a Coach. I own 9 or ten of them, I really love them. I got one for Christmas that I am in love with.

I also saw that bag this
Christmas at the Coach store. It was really nice, beautiful, but a tad bit to heavy empty. That's what turned me off.

My next bag I buy will most likely be a Summer Coach.
CCbagaholic said:
I saw that bag in person, and the handles don't look strangely shiny like they do in that photo. It comes in a lovely gold tone with a lilac trim, and it's very classy looking.
This is good to know. I didn't think it really is what it looks like (plasticky shiny).
edsbgrl said:
I like the shape and design of the bag you pictured but it looks like vinyl material. Is it just the pic? Is it leather?

Yeah, it's leather, it's just a really awful photo of the bag--I think the lighting is all wrong, from above or straight on rather than an angle?--see above post on coach photo issues...
I just saw that yesterday its the same fabric as last year's bags trimmed in leather which is not shinny. That is a poor picture it is really nice in person. I think the 325. price tag is ok as long as you are going to take care of it and use it again but for one season I wouldn't spend the $. It should be around for awhile and they should have another friends and family coupon for their spring line. If that is the large bag it is too large and that 525 or so price is too high for fabric.
we don't have coach here in europe, but from what i've seen i must admit i'm not a fan. i don't like goyard either, to be honest i've never even heard of them before i started posting here. or D&B, so not my style. i like chanel, gucci and some vuittons (epi,damier and suhali). prada has it's moments. i used to love dior too, but i haven't seen a bag i really really like and gotta have in quite some time.
the bag looks different in person. i remember it not holding it's shape too well when i saw it at the coach store. plus i'm not crazy about the 700 dollar price tag. i think that is too much to pay for a coach. save 300 more and buy a balenciaga!