Coach x Elvis™ Capsule Collection - SoHo Spring 2017

  1. Love that jacket!! This collection is amazing. Way better than the NASA collection, in my opinion.
  2. That is such a beautiful picture to have.

  3. How lovely!! Thx for sharing this with us!

    Be sure to show us the finished project!

  4. I'm liking the three different sizes of the turnlock wristlet! The large one, especially!
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  5. I love this picture! What a treasure. And a great moment for your lovely Mother! Thank you for sharing it again.
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  6. Thank you so much! I should have the charm any day now and will be sure to share it here.
  7. IMG_6849.JPG I'm over the moon in love with this one-of-a-kind bag charm that my dh had made for me!! Here it is on my Toaster satchel...... IMG_6848.JPG
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  8. Your mother surely would be thrilled to see this -- its LOVELY!!!

    Could you share the name of the company that made this or was it made by an individual, privately?
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  9. Thanks so much K.E.W., I'm happy to share that it was made through Shutterfly. You send them your image and though this was actually a shape for an ornament it can easily be a handbag "ornament", can't it? They do have different shapes available, it's your image over some sort of sturdy metal so it's very well made and substantial.
    It can also be double sided so you can choose a different image for the reverse side if you wish, dh chose the same image which is perfect!
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  10. Oh, I know Shutterfly! Well, over the years I've "started" a few photo collage projects but didn't follow through (I don't remember reasons, but it's no reflection on them). They obviously do good work! Thx for letting me know.

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  11. That looks fantastic! It turned out so well, and the history behind the picture --- it's just amazing!
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  12. Thanks so much happibug! I love it.....
  13. Oh that is amazng and so personal how wonderful to always have your mum with you (and E of course!!!)- what a fab idea by DH xx

  14. WOW it came out just lovely and such a great personal touch....
  15. Thank you elvisfan! It's special indeed (as is dh!).
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