Coach x Elvis™ Capsule Collection - SoHo Spring 2017

  1. Hey Coachies,

    Looks like Coach SoHo is at it again with another one of their New York City exclusive collections! Coach x Elvis™ has taken over their SoHo boutique for NYFW.
    Source: Instagram
    I saw this pop up on Instagram on Friday, and I've been patiently waiting for pictures of their limited edition products. I'm sure they have more to offer than what is pictured, or if the store is allowed to do a phone order for this merchandise.
    Source: Instagram
  2. The leather jacket looks awesome!
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  3. What a fun collection for Elvis fans!
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    I'm in heaven -this is awesome -I have been to Graceland many times (I'm in the UK) and always wished they did some decent memorabilia not the tat the place is full of - now just need some to be released over here and to have a big lottery win lol
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  5. Elvis never left the building
  6. I'm so glad you're joining us here "elvisfan4life". I remember you from the Mulberry forum. I'm the one who shared a photo of my Mom taken with a very young and handsome Elvis while in the Army in Paris. I must have one of these bag charms!!
  7. Hello my dear friend so glad to find you here I still have those pics of your beautiful mum. I need something from this line but fear it won't make it to uk coach online - and yes after 30 years exclusively mulberry I am a coachie newbie and a complete convert the Mickey Mouse line attracted me and the quality of the bags have kept me here.
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  8. I suspect I can't afford the rogue but I would love the book cover or pouch/ wristlet with all the pics of my man on - I adore these sigh
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  9. Not my cup of tea but I know a couple of Elvis lovers who would break people's kneecaps to get to the front of the line for the Rogue
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  10. I should have bought the Shop the Runway Elvis Tee when it was released. I didn't like the date embroidered on it, but now I like it better than the Elvis tee with the black bow and studs.
  11. They line is really lovely and unique.. Love the bag with the single handle
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  12. Me too is it the double dinky do you think?
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  13. Here is my photo of my Mom with Elvis in Paris. My dh is surprising me by having this photo "cleaned up" by a good friend and then he's making it into a bag charm for me! Can't wait to get it and carry it on all my bags. I miss my Mom but this way she'll always be with me. IMG_6769.JPG
  14. How absolutely wonderful that has just made me cry!!!
  15. So sweet elvis, sorry to make you cry though!