Coach X Disney?? Is it true?

  1. Gutted I can't get any of here here in the UK they are so much nicer than the ones we had online
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  2. I believe these sold out right away when this collection launched :smile:
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  3. I just noticed my mickey tag had fallen off my rogue. Luckily it fell inside my bag and I didn't lose it, but I recall reading where some else's fell off their bag too. Just wanted to post this in case anyone else has it on their bag, you might want to secure it a little better then just using the chain part.
  4. Found these images on Instagram. I believe that they're from the Disney x Coach outlet collection.

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  5. Love the small ones but the larger red wallet looks poor quality to me almost like a fake
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  6. Wish the disney outlet stuff would come to the UK
  7. Love them! Guess I'll have to finally drag myself to the outlet!
  8. Pac Man for Outlet launched in the UK, so I don't see any reason why this would not be sold there, too.
  9. I LOVE the image used on the saddle wallet!
  10. Me too, the shy look.
  11. O
    Oh i soooooo hope so will make a special trip and stay overnight