Coach X Disney?? Is it true?

  1. Haha, that sounds like something I would do (detective work), but in this particular case I could care less. I just know I would never trust this seller.
  2. Hi, sorry about that. I left a link in another post.
  3. So...I zoomed in on one of the pics in the post and there is something definitely fishy. If you look at the Disney name there is no line through the bottom portion of the D, the S does not have a swirl at the bottom and the NEY are smooshed together. Also, the A in Coach does not look like it was fully embossed and where it is supposed to say 1941 under it is not really there. s-l500.jpg
  4. I switched the brown Mickey hangtag with the red Mickey hangtag❤Love it
    IMG_20161226_154327_262.jpg 20170118_232230.jpg
  5. I saw this on a purse group on Facebook:
  6. I noticed these copies on eBay too when I search Mickey Ears Crossbody. :sad:
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  7. Coach x Disney for Outlet was announced today on the company's earnings call. It will drop in Q4 (April-June).
  8. Exciting!
  9. I love the look of your bag with the hang tags! The white glove really pops! Do you find the thin straps are comfortable?
  10. I hope that the designs will be different from my Tan Disney Kiss lock...
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  11. Interesting! thanks for sharing.
  12. Yes very comfortable, good quality leather on this bag and the straps are quite comfortable
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  13. Saw this video while looking up Coach Disney on instagram. I don't recall ever seeing the small wallets to the left. I'm assuming they're knock offs, but just wanted to double check. I wasn't sure if maybe I missed them. They look cute.
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  14. I do remember these smaller wallets when it first launched. You can find a post if u look back on this thread on p.38.
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  15. I remembered the wristlets, but not the ones in the video. I'll take a look, thanks!