Coach X Disney?? Is it true?

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  1. New new, or did you happen to miss the department store only items that were released after the boutique release?
  2. exactly!:panic::blah: <--- must know now. *stomp*
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  3. The seller is from Japan...maybe they are overseas exclusive items?
  4. I don't really like them. They look like negatives. I'd rather see Mickey with black ears, not white.

    The seller is in Japan but says she got them at a US outlet. There is a receipt in English in the picture. I can't read the address; does it say Texas?

  5. Just my 2 cents -- I went over there to look and I smell a rat (honest, pun not intended). In each of her multiple pics, she couldn't have done a better job of obscuring the details on the receipts. She included just enough of a receipt to "prove" that one exists, but other than a very faint image of what does look like TX, you can't even make out the city.
    And my gut feeling is that the "English as a second language" description is fake, to cover up intentional inaccuracies -- but what do I know, haha?
  6. I'm with you. I assume counterfeit until I see it officially from Coach.
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  7. The only problem with that is that the wallets are black....if there are white or other color wallets out there, they may have Mickey with black ears. His poses and expressions are just more appealing to me than what I have seen so far from Coach.
  8. If she actually bought them at an outlet, they should be at other outlets as well. Someone would have seen them. Other sellers on eBay would have them as well. Maybe she is using the receipts from the other wallets she bought with these.
  9. They look flat. The other wallets are more appealing because of the slight 3-D. They look higher quality.

  10. Yeah, like she's using one authentic receipt she has from a legit bag as a "prop" for all of her Coach listings.
  11. Very good point. The details inside the wallet show some attention to detail was paid to making this wallet, but why haven't more of them turned up at the outlets? It is possible that they were overseas versions that were sent to the outlet as deletes. I have bought overseas versions of wallets and bags from the FOS and saw one overseas bag in the outlet. I don't know which is right, very detailed fake or a deleted overseas version. :whut: Either way, I'm not wanting one....but if some overseas stuff is in the outlets, I would love to know if there were some charms or hang tags. :yes:
  12. On one receipt you can see it says Mickey Acc. Zip.....I also found one reciept that I could make out one digit of the phone number and with a little detective work I think I found the outlet that is on the receipt. So if anyone is interested in finding out if she is using a receipt for another Mickey wallet or if they actually had some of these wallets, here is the outlet:

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