Coach X Disney?? Is it true?

  1. I had heard from an outlet store that Coach was doing a collaboration with Disney this year. Is it true?! I hope so!! I am a HUGE Disney fan. I would love a simple Disney bag for my trips to WDW please let me know if you have any information.
  2. It's Mickey mouse, if you go to the snoopy thread, info can be found in there!

  3. Thank you! I'll have to look for that thread right NOW :smile:
  4. There's some info in the Snoopy thread, and also in the "jumped the shark" thread. I think someone posted a link to some images in the shark thread.

    It's good you started this thread because I get the feeling a LOT of people are interested in this one. I'll cheer for you guys from the sidelines because I'm a devout Peanuts fan (and have spent my purse budget on that already, lol!)
  5. Really!!!!! Oh I would love this!
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    What's next? Hello Kitty?

  7. Thanks! I saw the picture :smile: i wonder when this line will come. I just picked up a brown snoopy wristlet at my outlet and it's adorable. I can't wait for the Mickey line
  8. I sure hope so!:biggrin:
  9. It'll be out this summer. Someone posted the picture of Mickey being used in one if the other threads. Per my SA, Mickey 1941 will have a Dinky, Saddle Bag, accordion wallet, scarves, sneakers, Archival Backpack, men's wallets, journal, hangtag sets (which are all sold together), and some special art pieces.

  10. Oh wow thank you so much for the info!
  11. Hang tag 'sets'? wonder what those will be like?
  12. Just joined purseforum - hi everyone! Obsessed with Coach AND Disney.... this would be a dream come true!
  13. Wow - I love Coach and Disney so this would be amazing! (Been so tempted by the Dooney and Bourke Disney bags in the past, but the designs were just a bit too obvious for me - would love it if CoachxDisney had more subtle designs and something like the Peanuts collection would be nice!)
  14. +1
  15. Yep my best friend and I are on the guest list for the preview event as well as the preshopping event
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