Coach- Would like your opinion....


Which one?

  1. #1 Coach Soho

  2. #2 Coach Hamptons

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  1. Okay so I am completly torn about which bag I like better. It is for work. It will carry mainly my laptop and cords. There will be random files also but not much paperwork. I was completely leaning twords one, then the boyfriend brought up the other so now I am completely torn. Can you please vote for one of these bags?

    thanks :amuse:

    #1 Coach Soho

    #2 Coach Hamptons
  2. I vote for #2. A co-worker of mine has this bag, and it's very pretty :love:
  3. Number 1 is good because you can put your cellphone and/or keys into the pockets for easy access (my friend has this bag for work and she's a teacher). You can also unbutton the top sides to make the bag bigger as well (for folders and notebooks if you have more than a few to carry). I can't tell for sure if you can do this with the second pic due to the leather thingy wrapping around.

    Hope this helps!
  4. #2!
  5. Go #2 ! I think it'll be better for holding work related items, such as documents.
  6. it looks like #2 is a little bit bigger so it depends if you'd rather have a little more room or the front pockets
  7. #2!
  8. i like # 2 better
  9. #2!!!! It looks nicer!
  10. I like the way #2 looks better.
  11. I like #2 better and it's slightly roomier for the same price.
  12. I actually prefer the Soho, but I think the Hamptons is more business-like. Very streamlined and professional-looking.
  13. I vote for no. 2 (The Hamptons). It's more classic and a little more dressier than the no.1.
  14. #2 for sure...
  15. I like #1 because you can dress it up or dress it down. #2 looks more cas to me :suspiciou...
    Did you try them on to see what looks better and what fits better? Like there are a lot of bags that I like but since I'm not a "petite girl" some things just look plain funny :weird:.