Coach@Woodbury Commons

  1. I was wondering if anyone has been to the Woodbury Commons Outlet l:yes: .Does anyone know if they have any good stuff?
  2. Oh AARTI????
  3. ^^LMBO!!!!!!!!!
    It's not bad, they got in a couple of the scarf print in hats and such. But its great for when you want the outlet brand stuff, and you find stuff such as hot scarves, gold fish key chains, the fruit stuff, they have some cute stuff if you look for it hard. They also have a guys mini wall as well. But its not a signature place, but I am told Waterloo is one.
  4. I go to school near there (SUNY New Paltz) and so I have pretty easy access. I find the Coach outlet has lots of non-logo'd pieces. It's rare to find a signature piece.
  5. Im actully going there this comming weekend (late late LATE birthday present from my lovely best friend.) So Ill let you know what they have!
  6. As aarti said, the Woodbury outlet doesn't have signature items, but the outlet at Waterloo Premium Outlets does.

    You'll have a great time at Woodbury's my favourite outlet mall in the world!!!!!!!!!
  7. i was wondering, have you been to the outlet at niagara falls lately? i'm planning to go there in 2 wks and wanted to know if they had anything worthwhile.

    thanks :smile:
  8. You'll find cute stuff, but you have to dig around for it. The Crossings Outlets in the Poconos (PA) have a decent Coach store too. It is all a matter of what they have when you get there. You'll love Woodbury Commons either way because there are just tons of good stores there. You can shop forever there.

    You can get discount coupons for lots of stores there by signing up to be a VIP shopper here: Chelsea Premium Outlets
  9. I'll be going to the outlets in Buffalo this upcoming weekend, so I can let you know then. They usually have a lot of cute signature and leather bags on great sale...oftentimes with additional discounts. I actually prefer the outlet in Buffalo to the one at Woodbury... Unfortunately, the Buffalo outlets don't have much else going on...
  10. The store itself is one of the bigger Coach outlets that I've seen, but as everyone else mentioned, there isn't much signature stuff. It also depends on when you go, cause it's been pretty hit or miss for me.

    But I'm sure you'll do plenty of damage in the other outlets there! Also try and get there as close to opening as you can, after a certain time of day it becomes crazy if you go on a Sat. or Sun.
  11. I was there two weeks ago and I saw several gallery satchels in white and black. I didn't get to spend too much time there since it was so crowded but they had some decent stuff.
  12. thanks for your help