Coach weekend I won't forget

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  1. I picked up my Carly on Saturday in Lynnwood Wa. We went to the states for the weekend, stopped at two outlets on the way down they didn't have ant thing that caught my eye.They had large Carly's in tan & blue swede. I"m surprized I didn't get a speeding ticket I was so exited about getting the bag. I just love it, lots of room it hangs so nice at first it was a bit heavy but I got used to it . There was a few new bags at the coach store that were really nice but I know I'm going to enjoy this Carly for a long time. I have had a lot of looks even my daughter who thinks i'm nuts paying that kind of money for a bag loved it..... Sunday we went to Nordstrom's rack lots of Coach shoes I was in heaven.... In Vancouver we don't have any outlets so this was a weekend I won't forget& won't wait to long to do again.When I got my 1st coach bag it was going to be my only one, I now have 5 bags,1 wallet & ipod case, cell phone case makeup bag, wristlet, 2 pairs of shoes.....I'm very happy with all of them........I use a new bag every week & I probably could go a year with out using the same bag.....So yes I have a problem but it is a nice problem. I love them all ..........
  2. Haha! Congratulations! Sounds like you had a wonderful shopping spree!
    Coach is a lot like Lay's Potato Chips:
    Betcha Cant Have Just One!
  3. What a great weekend! Enjoy your new Carly. :smile:
  4. Sounds like my kinda weekend!! Congrats on your new Carly!
  5. congrats jojo and glad you had a fun road trip down here!!
  6. WHOOOOhOOO can't wait to see pix!
  7. do you have to pay duty fees when you go shopping in the states??
  8. Thanks everyone. I just look at that Carly & it puts me a smile on my face instant good mood.......I only live 20 minutes to the border, I go once a month to pay my Target bill. That's just a excuse ,I go to shop .Our dollar is so close to the US dollar that it makes for good shopping in the states. Recently the border guys have stopped making people pay duty & taxes because they went a little crazy at the outlet. I never go to TJMAX, there is one in Bellingham ,after reading on the purse forum that they have coach sometimes I will check it out next time.......
  9. That is soo true! :tup:

    Congrats on the Carly jojo999!
  10. oh congrats for u....i wish i could say i had a good weekend like you..but it was spent working....
  11. Congrats! Oh, go to TJ Maxx!! It's the best place in the world. Try to go to a Marshalls too because I don't know which is better in that area.
  12. :tup: Got that right. ;)
  13. ooh, sounds like a great weekend! congrats!
  14. I will check out TJMAX in bellingham next time I go. I have been to Marshalls I LOVE THAT STORE, but they are not in bellingham ,the one in Lynnwood i went to isn't that great............In 3 weeks I am going to Tampa, I bet there is a marshalls there. Also I'm sure there are a few Coach outlets as well.Thanks everyone still loving that Carly I think if I could have any kids I would name my 1st girl
  15. Congrats!!!!