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  1. Didn't see any threads about this, yet--off to check out the goods (window shopping only--still on a ban :crybaby:)!

    Happy shopping, ladies!
  2. ohhhh crap.....I just just checked and I'm totally screwed! Or should I say my bank account is...:Push: I really want the new heritage stripe tote!
  3. I love the Metallic Sabrinas, but the Graffiti Tattersall is making me sad. I adore the Tattersall print, but it's too busy with the graphics on top. Maybe the Graffiti Tattersall Ponytail scarf is OK-but the rest of it is not doing it for me....

    The RoseGold Sabrina, the Violet/Silver Spectator Sabrina, and the Monroe Sandals are my favs :yes:

    However due to tax time, it will be a while before I get a brand new Coach bag-I'll have to wait it out and see what shows up at the outlets in a few months. :crybaby:
  4. I want a convertible bag, that i can carry on the shoulder and cross body so yesterday I got the Leah.... after seeing the new heritage stripe I am totally taking the Leah back this weekend!!!!!
  5. ^ which color to you think you'll go for? I love the brass/black white/white one!:P
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    I have a feeling Dragonette is gonna want this one:

    To me this bag looks like a spider!

    I find the HS collection looks rather old.

    It looks like something that would have came out around 2004-2005 when Coach was still experimenting with their styles and colours. If you're curious, here is the website to compare:

    I am glad I am nearing the end of my collection. Nothing really attracted me...except maybe this one:

    This yummy bag reminds me of strawberry Pocky! If I see this on sale, I may consider getting it but the white trim would scare me off. The black version is rather dark and dull-looking.

    I see the dual-butt pocket cargo pants tote is showing too:

    I cannot believe this thing is selling for $858. As I mentioned elsewhere, I do have a Tilley hat that can go with this bag, but thinking it over, I don't particularly want a bag to match my safari hat though.

    As for the graffitti,

    I am already annoyed that the streets around me is filling up with this junk and more gang-related shootings and violence appearing that the last thing I want is to endorse this stuff by having a bag with the same. I guess this bag appeals to the younger generation.

    [It doesn't look like I can download the images directly from the Coach website onto this thread so I am just providing the links here.]
  7. I agree! I was looking forward to it as well but too busy. Plus I'm not sure how sturdy the handles are. The gold makes it look sort of cheap to me :sad:
  8. the french purses are cute
  9. I'm trying to see pics of the Parker line but, everytime I've typed in Parker in the Search I get a blank box w/an
  10. ^^ Well, just type "a", and scroll down. Some are coming up "Par" and some "Pkrk", which I'm sure the latter is definitely Parker.
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    I don't see anything that I would like to buy this month. My bank account will be very happy for the month of February.

    ^^My bank account will be very, very happy in the upcoming months when the new Spring line comes out. I can't imagine myself buying anything from those pictures that were posted in that article.