Coach Website updated!

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  1. They added the new patchwork and the tiedye.

    LOVING the indigo patchwork.:P

    The tyde die isn't really my style, but at least it looks better than in the catalouges:yucky:

    :heart: Now if only the would please please please add the Denim:heart:
  2. Thanks for the info...i'm off the coach.
  3. I love the indigo patchwork too!! Wow!
  4. I love the indigo patchwork, too, but I'm sooooo disappointed the only wallet they came out with in that pattern is a medium zip-around. I was hoping for a full-sized zip around clutch wallet, as I think the indigo patchwork would look sooooo cute with my suede daphne satchel. I stuck the medium wallet in my wishlist, but I'm just cursing my luck that they didn't come out with exactly what I have in mind! Grrr!
  5. Just saw they updated and came over to tell you all but Kiari beat me to it LOL

    Yay! I get so excited when they update :heart:
  6. I think that indigo patchwork wristlet would be really cute in my ink City!
  7. Oh I love the new legacy printed collection! :love:
    469_BIYCH_d2.jpg 7473_B4CH_d2.jpg 7551_B4CH_d2.jpg 7469_B4CH_d2.jpg 6254_BSZMA_d2.jpg 758_SZMA_d2.jpg 757_BSZMA_d2.jpg
  8. How do i access this? I cant see the new profuct at all?
  9. ^^This is getting really old. This member is pulling threads from 2006 and making useless comments on them and cluttering up the board!!
  10. Because the original thread is from 2006. The poster above you keeps bumping OLD threads and cluttering the board.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.