Coach Website Updated!!!!

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  1. Woohooo! I kept checking all night and finally this morning I noticed that the site is updated with all of the new items! :yahoo:

    I am so in love with the khaki print! I am in trouble this month!
  2. Thanks for the info,i'll go check it out lol ^-^
  3. AWESOME NEW STUFF!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE the style of the satchel, but...EEEEWWW...WHY did they put a PARCHMENT STRIPE with the WHITE PATENT TRIM!?!? Can you say CLASH! YUCK! :yucky:They should've done one color or the other...would look so much better with matching trim & stripe!! IMO!
  4. TOTALLY agree purse-o-nality, I was pretty excited about the possibility of either a white or off-white satchel and when I saw it I thought yuck too!
  5. great, thanks for the heads up! i will go and check it out asap!!
  6. I am trying SOOOOOOOOO HARD not to run right out and buy some of the new stuff. I am going to the Outlet in Key West next week and I am TRYING to be good and hold off on making any purchases until I get a chance to see what the Outlet has. PLEASE talk me into being good and waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuz, if I DO go buy some new stuff I will DEFINITELY be using it on my trip! I NEED SELF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  7. Oh no, I've been wanting the hamptons scarf print oblong scarf... gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme :nuts:
  8. Skinny straps were enough for me to say "no". I want/need something a little more substantial.
  9. I thought there were supposed to be new Chelsea bags this time?
  10. i wonder why they dont have the patchwork carly online !
  11. I thought they would have more new stuff listed. I wanted to see the carly, is this one going to be a dept store only thing?
  12. Most likely it is a dept. store exclusive.
  13. The denim stripe tote - what size is the tote? Is it the small like the punch came in, or is it the medium size? TIA
  14. YIPEEEEEEEEEE..... I don't like anything enough to get it. That makes me happy!!!!
  15. Kind of disappointed myself. Probably a good thing.:yes: