Coach website - Legacy Scarf

  1. On the front page of the Coach website there is a Legacy Scarf for the Teen Chic section and I can't find it anywhere on the website! :confused1: Maybe I am missing it!

    Does anyone know anything about this scarf?

  2. Not out yet. We tried to track it down when I was in NYC. The store at Time Warner building is supposed to call me when its available since they were not even able to order it when I was there in November.
  3. Boo hiss! Why advertise something on the front page of your website AND in an email they sent earlier and you can't buy it?!?!

    Seems ridiculous to me.

    Thanks for your help!
  4. Yup. Some others were trying to track it down last week too.
  5. I think that was the legacy skinny muffler/scarf. I was told it had been sold out for months and they were not taking backorders because they weren't making any more. It irked me too when I saw that...
  6. It's the legacy stripe silk knit skinny scarf or something like was on the website for a while I think. I wanted to get it for PCE especially after I got the Tatum boots but didn't.
  7. That happened to me as well when I called Coach about a week ago and they told me the same thing - that it's sold out and there are no plans to get more in stock. So, I don't understand why it's still shown on their catalogs, etc. :confused1:

  8. Yeah I called JAX and store and they both said unavailable! So it is sold out or unavailable?!?! Does anyone know?
  9. Mid November the store in NYC told me not yet available to order. Today in Illinois they said its sold out already. I'm very annoyed. The store in NYC was supposed to call me when it was available to order.
  10. I contacted Coach via email and was told that they were sold out and not planning to make anymore. BOO!! Take it off your ads and emails then. What a tease!

    I bought the striped Gap scarf instead.:rolleyes:
  11. they were never released to the stores in NYC.... They sold out before they hit the shelves! i think its because of tpf lol... i wanted one too
  12. you might be able to order it directly from jax
  13. I called JAX and a store checked JAX for me and nothing. I even checked eBay. Not there.

    It's the mystery scarf!