Coach website is the worst

  1. WTH, I just tried to order a bag online from Coach's website and everytime I try to put something in the shopping cart it always says my cart is empty. I thought maybe teh bag was out of stock so I tried to place a new Bleeker and same thing " shopping cart is empty".
    I thought maybe I had to register first, so I went to teh reistration area and plugged in my info, and then it took me right back to the register or login screen (didn't take my registration).

    What is the D*mn problem, how frustrating and a crappy way to run a website !:nuts:
    Maybe my cool off time will cost them $400........
  2. I'm not a computer techie, but could it have something to do with cookies being disabled on your computer? Just a thought. Their web site works fine for me.
  3. Could be cookies or you need to clear your internet files. Clear up all your internet junk (I'm not computer savvy either!), then restart your computer and see if that helps. Also, call the 800 number. Ordering from them is easy, they've always been nice to me. Good luck!
  4. I would try the cookies thing, but if that doesn't work then maybe you could call a store for a phone order. You might save money if they waive the shipping. My boutique has waived the shipping for me before, for items in the store and items they had to order.