Coach website has been updated

  1. New stuff to look at yay! Although with the PF it seems I've gotten sneak peaks at the new goodies.
  2. I LOVE all the new charms!!!!!
  3. I just checked the website out and my heart has been a-fluttering when I saw the new Bleeker stuff. I just love the slim hobos! They reminded me of my very first Coach purchase (a black slim leather east-west duffle) that is my all time favorite because it's so soft and light. I just ordered a Beeker hobo in British Tan. Now I'm in a quandary as last Saturday, I just ordered from the store a Coach Signature Legacy using my PCE. I guess I have to do double time on selling some of my other stuff! I hope Coach lays low for awhile before coming out with some more tempting goodies!
  4. I'm in love the the small Bleeker hobos, the dice charm, the signature flower charm, the winter boot keyfob, might need a scarf or muffler for my next trip to Spain, looove the gallery patchwork ponytail scarf!!!

    Does this mean there was a floor move?? Oh, I might need to see my fave SA today...
  5. I like the new charms and I am glad the signature patchwork flower charm in multicolor is back. I wasn't too fond of the indigo color. I don't like the Bleecker leather bags but the mini skinny and the wristlet are cute. I'll wait to get these but I'll definitevely get the flower charm and the new brass N initial.
  6. The dice charm is TOO cute.
  7. I love the tattersall cosmetic case, perfect size and too pretty!
  8. Love the tattersall french wallet. Hope it is available still for next PCE.
  9. man too many thigs to buy so little money!
  10. Not liking any of the new bags, besides signature stripe. I need that heart cell phone charm, it's so cute. I also want a pair of black winter boots, not sure which yet though. The marian's look crazy and the talen are okay, hopefully they'll come out with more styles.
  11. oh and i like that patent wristlet, i want it in every color!
  12. Loving the new brass charms (Carly getting charms soon I think) and the winter boot keychain!
  13. I really like some of the new bleeker duffles and hobos but aren't sure if they're for me yet.....they SHOULDN'T be since I already have a few coach bags!
  14. I just bought the dice charm and the signature flower charm (I let that one go like a dumbo w/o knowing it was sold out!)

  15. Wow, so many cute new things to add to the wishlist! I love the new brass charms and oh happy day! Finally, an M charm in a color I like! :tup: (though of course blue would be better). I also love the Ornette shoes, the new signature stripe ipod case, and some of the new scarves-particularly the patchwork and the sculpted. Of course, I love the new logo so the mini skinny is adorable to me!

    I'm not over the moon on any of the bags although I do like the colors. I do really like the patchwork duffle but it is $698 and BIG! Maybe I'd go for it if there was a smaller, cheaper version available.