Coach website/catalog questions...puzzled!

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  1. I was just looking through the newest Coach catalog (again) and LOVE the Oxford Stripe Wristlet on page 14. Style #40552.
    But, when I typed in the style # on, it came up with the item, and instead of the stripes being vertical like the pic in the catalog, they are horizontal like the original Legacy Stripe Wristlet!:confused1:

    ODD! I wanted the wristlet to have the vertical stripes! I like that look!;)

    Anyone know why this is?:confused1:

    And, any info on when the new catalog is coming out and when the website will have the new items?:confused1:

    Thanks all!:yes:
  2. its horizontal in person... maybe they chaged their minds when they saw it??? same thing happened with the citron.. someone said that maybe they made it in yellow and white then forgot to change the picture to the color they have now?
  3. ^^Oh^^.:sad:
    Thanks, Kat. I really like the vertical stripes!
  4. yeah i really liked that white/yellow slim flap too :sad: coach is a party pooper!!
  5. ^^LOL^^:lol:
  6. hey by the way.. i know u returned that patchwork but they came out with a pair of sneakers that exactly match the bag!!! along with some flats they are adorable! i saw it in my store today!!
  7. I noticed this myself about a month ago. I really like the way the stripes look in the vertical pattern. Go back to the photo on the website. Now, magnify the image along the bottom seam of the wristlet. Doesn't it look like the stripes are horizontal on the front but vertical on the back? I might be wrong but that's how it looks to me and that might explain why we have seen it both ways.
  8. Aw he** no, Kat!:wtf:
    I may have to get the sneaks anyways! LOL!:graucho:
  9. I did that and you are right! How strange!:confused1:
  10. lol go get the sneakers they are adorable!!!
  11. You know, in the first 65th anniversary catalog the stripes were "wider" in the photographs than the actual stripe on the wallets, wristlets, etc., Coach is crazy! and they "reserve the right" to . . . . . whatever.
  12. oh wow i ve never looked behind the wristlet... maybe it is horizontal on one side and vertical on the other???
  13. nevermind i think thats the piping trim
  14. Yeah, and the gold leather patch on the front was bigger than INR.

    Last minute changes, I guess!
  15. They probably make prototypes for photo shoots way in advance and then they might find they have production problems. Or maybe they just say "Let's mess with their heads!" Probably the latter! :wacko: