Coach Wave Lunch tote. Anybody seen it before?

  1. My boyfriend got me this tote for Christmas from the Vacaville, CA outlet store. Im just curious to know if anybody else has seen it before. I never have until now and not sure when it came out. I know in the tag it says 06 for the year on the patch, but when? I really love it. What really bothers me is i get some people asking me if its fake because they haven't seen it before. :confused1:
    IMG_0427.jpg IMG_0428.jpg
  2. I don't know when it came out, but they had it at the outlets in Destin last weekend. It's a bag made specifically for the outlets, so that's why most people haven't seen it before.
  3. Yes - that's new at the outlets right now I believe. (I went on Dec 3rd, and on Dec 29th...was not there on the 3rd, was ont he came out sometime in Dec.)

    They also have that same style in blue tones.

    For some reason, they were crazy expensive. (the gallery tote I believe ran for over $ the outlet!)
  4. Yes, it's outlet only that why they didn't even bother w/ the bullseye stamp on the creed. Its a gorgeous bag I love the gold in it. Congrats!
  5. i know! for a outlet bag, i'm totally cheap. i guess i didn't love it that much...
  6. thanks guys my questions are being answered!! yeah i was starting to wonder why there was no bullseye target on it too!
  7. The lunch tote sizes are always only in the least since I've been following coach. But I've seen the waves recently at the outlets too.
  8. :drool::drool:
  9. The F in the creed means it is a factory bag those bags made esp for the factory will have a F in the creed instead of the bullseye.

    LOVE IT!! Your man has great taste
  10. I saw it at the outlets too! Pretty bag!
  11. AHHHH!!!!

    I need to go to the outlets now! I can't believe it's there!!!! *runs*
  12. Yeah I saw them over the weekend the blue is just as gorgeous. I was debating on getting the blue wristlet..
  13. The outlet in Round Rock and the one in San Marcos (Texas) both have the gold and blue wave bags.

    I almost got myself a blue wave wristlet (and I don't even use them). It was just so dang pretty :sweatdrop:
  14. they have BLUE??? darn ... I will have to check it out tomorrow when I go to mine. I used to have the pink gallery tote but sold it because I never really used it.
  15. Lovely.