Coach watermelon looking coin purse

  1. I've been looking at these for a couple of days, and I really like the looks of them, but, I'm unsure of how much they would fit. :wondering I saw a girl who had one hanging off of her bag, and, it looked like it would fit quite a bit. I have an orange mini skinny from last year that I love, and it fits bills, coins and my CC and ID perfectly...does anyone have this watermelon looking coin purse? Would it fit a CC? I doubt it would, as it doesn't look that tall...I'm also wondering if I waited long enough, would the other styles possibly make it to the outlet? I love this apple looking one, but, I adore all 4 of them! However, I can't justify getting 4 of the same thing!! :lol: Thanks a lot guys!

  2. I have the apple one, I can fit my CCs in it just fine. I haven't used it out of the house yet b/c of the suede bottom & everyone says that Coachs suede dirtys very quickly.
  3. My mom has the lime one that came out a couple seasons ago. She mainly uses it as a "charm" on one of her purses, and she puts her keys in it. I'm not really sure how much it would hold...I don't think it can hold all that much. Its not one of those things you would want to stretch out. But it could def. hold a little money, keys, etc.
  4. That's too cute!
  5. That's terribly cute!
  6. I fell in LOVE with that exact apple one. I went to the store to buy it and honestly it wouldn't hold more the coins and maybe a few folded up bills. I doubt a standard credit card would even fit inside it. It was so cute, but in person I just couldn't justify the cost.
  7. Yea, that's what I'm worried about, that I'll get it because it's cute and I NEVER carry coins, I dump them out at night and then when it looks like I have a lot, I bring them to the bank for bills lol...if it can't hold a couple of dollar bills and my ID and CC then it's really of no use...however, it is so adorable! Guess I'll just have to go to the store and check it out :smile:
  8. I love coach coin purses but I feel they are waaaay too expensive!
  9. How much does it cost? Is it available in Europe?
  10. they are all $99 in the U.S.
  11. That is terribly cute, but I just couldn't justify the expense. I tend to carry around far too much crap in my bags!:shame:
  12. I really liked the apple one, but the above posters are right... it doesn't hold too much. My LV key cles holds a few credit cards, some IDs, folded up bills, and a decent amount of coins. However, it's more expensive than the Coach one by about 50 dollars... but it fits a lot! I still want to get a cute pink mini skinny though :biggrin:
  13. I think I used my 25% off coupon last march to purchase it, so it came to a total of $73.00.
  14. yea, all of them are 100 except for the orange one that I believe is about 130 or so...maybe I'll just get the LV cles then if that holds more :biggrin:
  15. I just got the apple one yesterday, and I have a vernis cles, and the apple holds SO much more! I was able to fit tons of coins and about 6 gift cards that are cc sized in there with extra room. I can take pictures to compare if you want! They are actually bigger than I thought they would be.