Coach watches?

  1. Are the Movodo line of watches for Coach any good, does anyone own one?

    I am looking at a Etched Mercer with diamond markers on eBay. I really like it, but would like to hear about other people's experiences with the line.

    Also, a fake watch is pretty unlikely, right?
  2. The watches are great, I have the etched studio bracelet, with the diamond markers and mother of pearl face. It's a great watch, I wear it all the time and have not scratched it yet!!!

    However, I do not know how easy/hard it would be to make a fake. They do come with a certificate of authenticity that you have to register in order for them to give you the warranty, so ask the seller for that.
  3. Ok, I will do that, thanks! The one I want has a white mother of pearl face, but I have seen pink ones. I can't seem to actually find one, though.

    Candac3, what color is yours?
  4. I actually have a problem with them fitting me...I have large wrists...anyone got suggestions for a Coach watch that will fit my large wrist?
  5. I have two of them and I absolutely LOVE them! Both of them came from eBay and were purchased at the Movado Company Store and I have no complaints and have had no problems so far. I highly recommend Coach watches, especially if you can get a good deal. :yes:
  6. I saw the pink ones @ Macy's but I have the white one.


    And as for the watch being too big, what type do you mean, the leather banded ones or metal?? When I bought mine, the SA had to take 3 links out.
  7. Here is the watch that I have and I love it. I have a big wrist also and when I tried on the ladies I would have to wear it on the last hole and I like my watch to dangle a little so I got it in the mens.

    I got this pic from ebay

  8. I love mine and I scored a deal at the outlets. It looks brand new and I wear it ALL the time. Great watch! I'm sure I'll be buying more.
  9. I received the Madison Bracelet watch for Christmas last year, and I have worn it literally every day since! I actually even sleep in my watch and it is still perfect. I put my Movado watch away when I got this one and havent switched back yet.
  10. I have one and plan on getting another one for Christmas if I can swing it! Just try and get the warranty card for it if at all possible. They come with a 2 year warranty but you can send them back for repairs through your Coach store.
  11. Mine has a wider bracelet to it and is all silver, I think it's called a Mercer but the one posted is really cute! I'm definitely going to bid on it! Right now the highest bid is pretty low, but there's 3 days left I think. I feel like I'm already addicted to eBay. Crap.
  12. The Coach watches are very pretty. I keep dropping hints to DH that I need a new watch. Wonder if he'll pick up on it?!
  13. i just want one but no way will i be getting one anytime soon...
  14. I love them. I have 9 and all but one was purchased at a retail store. I bought one on eBay, it was real and for 25% of the cost. I have 7 leather watches and two charm watches. I always get compliments on the charm watch seen here. It is two years old. I bought it at a PCE and then didn't use it for a year. SILLY me!
    coach charm watch.jpg
  15. I bought one at Nordstrom Rack fora very good price ($100 as opposed to the $300 it would have cost at the store). They have several different styles. Also TJ Maxx sometimes has them.