Coach watches

  1. Someone recently bought me the Large Classic Sig Bracelet, and I'm debating whether I want to keep it or not (she won't mind if I return it). Anyone own a Coach watch?

    What is your experience with them? How is the long-term quality? Would you recommend Coach watches to others?

  2. I have one that I bought years ago, similar to this:

    More of a tank watch, leather band. My numbers are not quite as modern looking as this one. It's held up really well and it's still my default non-sporty watch (I usually wear my tag). In those days, the movement was made by Movado...I don't know what the story is these days.

    Their steel bands remind me a lot of cartier...

    And I would recommend them to anyone. My friends wear everything from Target specials to Baume & Merciers and I think Coach is right in the middle!
  3. Thanks for the input girls!
  4. I could be wrong about this but I think that Coach watches are made by Movado? Can anyone confirm this?
  5. They are...there is more about that in the thread I posted the link to.
  6. I have a really pretty Coach Chrystie watch, black with black band. I got it at Nordstrom's Rack for $100. I called Movado and ordered two extra bands so that when I ruin these, I'll have replacements.
  7. Yes!

    My Mom needed to have a battery replaced, and the SA mentioned that they could send it out for her or she could take it downstairs to the Movado store, which is what she did and only had to wait 20 minutes rather than a week or longer.
  8. I have a pink one with a rose face. Love it put don't use it much. I tend to forget that I have it!
  9. That is a yummy looking watch!! I love the C's on the face!!!
  10. Me too! I'd originally bought the large faced watch with the khaki signature and red accents strap, but I decided it was just too big, and I didn't like the signature strap, it felt like too much for me, so I ended up with this one instead and it's perfect! :smile:
  11. I bought my Coach watch for a STEAL on eBay ($89!) and I absolutely love it! It's heavier than all my other high-end watches, which I like since I have chunkier wrists. I didn't think this would turn out to be an everyday watch because of the rec croc band, but I don't go a day without it! I've had it for several months and have not had a single problem yet...

  12. Does anyone have a two-tone Lexington watch? I've been watching a couple on eBay and I just love the style. My wrists are very small and I am a little worried that it might be too big, though.