Coach watches at Nordstrom Rack

  1. I have been thinking about getting a Coach watch but I really did not want to spend the money. I went to the Rack first to see what they had and the watches were ranging from $99-$129. I new that was an awesome price but I wanted to see what was in the mall first. I went to Dillards and they had the same exact watch that I picked out for $268.00. I immediatley grabbed my purse and ran back to Nordstroms Rack. I was able to get it for $99 plus I had $20 in Nordstrom Notes that I needed to use before they expire.

    To make this long story shorter I was able to get a Coach watch for $79 plus tax.

    I tried to take pics but they came out to dark so I am borrowing this one from eBay.

  2. WoW! what a great deal.
  3. Nice! The ones I like don't fit big wrists.

  4. I noticed that also, and the same for those bangel bracelets. When I tried on the ladies watch I had to use the next to the last hole and I don't really like that so I got the man's watch and luckily it does not look really manly and huge.
  5. thats awesome! great buy!
  6. Awesome & congrats! You really got a great deal. Do you mind me asking which Nordstrom's Rack you are talking about? I'm assuming it's like a 5th Off/Saks store, but for Nordstroms?

  7. Exactly :tup: