Coach Watch Dilemma

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  1. I've got a small dilemma. I lost a beloved Coach watch I've had since last summer (have torn my bedroom apart, it's like it dematerialized). It wasn't anything particularly special but it met all of my needs (large numbers, the date, not too big or heavy, soft leather band). Do I try to hold out and hope it turns up? Do I buy a new Coach watch (that I don't like quite as much but that also fits the bill) with my employee discount (even with the discount it will still cost more than what I originally paid, which was $99 at Nordstrom Rack)? Do I buy something similar (but not Coach, like a Swiss Army) that fits the bill but still isn't "the one"? Or do I buy the identical watch on Ebay for $149.99?:confused1:
  2. hhmmmm well I would think that if you know it was in your house it will show up at some point, so unless you have to have the same one right away I wouldn't buy one or atleast the exact one, because if it shows up you will have 2 of the same. Otherwise if you don't love another Coach one, just get another brand. I hope it shows up for you soon though! :tup:
  3. Hold Off, You Probably Will Find It. Good Luck
  4. I think you're right, but I'm losing hope (even the old "Saint Anthony" prayer isn't working). Of course if I buy it on Ebay the original will show up instantaneously....
  5. of course it will, I hope you find it soon!

    I still have one pair of sunglasses I bought for my birthday in '06 that I wore ONCE and never saw them again! I am still convinced that they are hiding in my house :smile:
  6. my first ipod is probably hiding WITH your watch

    I'd suck it up and shell out for THE ONE you want.
  7. I agree, but if she JUST lost it this week or last week, I might wait another week.
  8. Awww....:hugs: This always works for me, but not always right away. I find things usually after a bit of time when I'm not stressed and freaking out about what I can't find. It's like I'm being "directed" to stop stressing, and when I do, I find what was once lost.

    Good luck!
  9. I'd set a browsing timeframe of a couple weeks, hit the store and try a couple on and muse, maybe you will find one that you actually like better than your lost one? And just give it a couple weeks, and if that watch doesn't surface then you'll have an idea of either doing an exact replacement or moving on to something new. It is so aggravating when things disappear, I lost one of my coach scarves that way, I feel your pain! :sad:
  10. Wait a little while - if you know you lost it in the house, you'll find it when you least expect it - that totally happened to me recently. I thought I'd lost a diamond toe ring because I couldn't remember where I'd moved it for "safekeeping" - well, after I tore my dresser apart, a couple of days later, I found it exactly where I'd put it - I'd slipped it onto the finial of a small lamp on my dresser - thought it was an obvious place when I did it, but not so much when I went to find it!
  11. Wow that really sucks. I can not find a wrislet and it is driving me nuts. I would be crazy by now if I could not find a watch. Hope you find one that is just as or more perfect.
  12. Hi, I'm not sure if you have a Movado outlet near you, but they carry coach watches. I bought mine there, and then saw the same one at Nordstrom Rack for about $30 more! So you might want to look into it and compare prices, if you do want to buy a new watch.
  13. I would wait alittle while. I also pray to St. Anthony and it usually works. If you know its in the house, eventually it will turn up. I lost a very special pendant, didn't know where, for about 6 months. I had all but given up, and I was cleaning out my collection of handbags (non-designer), to give to my step-mother and when I reached the bottom bag, it was underneath it. Just sitting there, all that time. I wouldn't say wait 6 months, but see what happens. I will say a prayer to St. Anthony for you. If its your only watch, buy one alittle different, that way you'll have 2 when the other shows up. Good Luck.