Coach watch battery

  1. The battery in my Coach watch finally died (it lasted over 4 years!) I am wondering for those of you who have had to get your battery changed did you take it to a watch repair place? I seem to remember when I got it that Coach recommended you bring it in and they send it in for repair? If anyone has any experience with this I'd really apprecitate it! I have a feeling my second Coach watch is going to die any day because I bought them at the same time. :shame:
  2. I wouldn't want to send my watch off just to get a battery put in. I would just take it to your closest watch dealer. It shouldn't be much money at all to just put a new one in.
  3. Take it in the store to send in to Movado to put the new watch battery in. I've had customers come in who have taken them to a random watch place and the watch doesn't work therefor they had to end up having to send it in anyway. It takes under two weeks, that's it.
  4. I've had my watch 3 years and the battery is still going strong. But I thought part of what they said when I bought it was that when you send it in they clean it up some too...any thoughts on that sprinkles?
  5. You can request it to be buffed up a little :smile:
  6. I used to work for Movado (who makes Coach) and if anyone other than an authorized dealer removes the back, the warranty is void. Now, if you've had yours for more the 2 years the warranity is over anyway, but if you were to ever have any problems with it, they might work with you a little better if they see that their company is the only one who has removed the back. But having said that, I do agree that it would SUCK to be without your Coach watch that long!
  7. oo- about the buffed up thing. will that get rid of scratches on the glass/crystal/whatever material face of the watch? i accidentally whacked my watch on my boyfriend's car window. it sucks because i love the watch, it was a 300 watch i got for 80 at an outlet.
  8. Thanks so much for the info!!! I knew there was something about sending it to Movado but I couldn't remember the specifics. :shame: I love this watch so much (it's brown croc with a white face/gold) I hate to be without it for any length of time but I definitely want to make sure it's done right so I'll take it to Coach tomorrow.

    Thanks again! :flowers:
  9. I need to replace my watch battery too, so I was searching around the archives and found this thread. I called Coach and they told me to send it directly to Movado in NJ. But has anyone taken it to the Coach store and had them take care of it? (And if so, would this be something I could pay for with a merchandise credit?) Thanks for any replies! :smile:
  10. I would take it anywhere that services Movado watches.
  11. Personally I would not send a watch off just for a battery.. if it needed to be repaired, that is a different story.
  12. You can contact Coach or Movado and find out who the closest authorized dealer is and ask them to change your battery for you. We have a jeweler in our mall that can change the batteries but it has to to sent off for everything else.
  13. ooo I learned something I didnt know Movado made Coach. You ladies ROCK!:wlae:
  14. I took one of mine to Zales, I paid $15 for a lifetime battery replacement.