Coach warranty

  1. Ok so maybe its just me but I couldn't find the search button for this one.

    I bought a Coach wristlet off eBay a few months back but it was new with the tags still on just a older version. Its the blue leather metallic one :smile: Anyways I take a look at it yesterday and notice that the leather has a crack in the side. Does Coach warranty cover this? What do I need to do?


  2. I think you can just fill out one of their repair forms and mail it in to them...I'm not sure. Maybe a more experienced Coach shopper will have a better/more right answer.
  3. Go on into a boutique and talk with an SA (don't mention the eBay part.) Just say you haven't used it but would really like to see if it can be repaired. I doubt at this time they can get you that same wristlet unfortunately and I actually don't know if they repair wristlets. But you may be able to get a store credit.
    Good luck and let us know the outcome.
  4. well I have used it now but not a whole lot and it is not beat up at all.
  5. no designer brand offers a "warranty". Most offer a repair service, but I think Coach only repairs handbags, and nothing else.