1. the other day i was at walmart with my niece, she wanted to play those rip off games they have in the entry hall. i was looking at all the cheapsie little prizes and to my suprise i seen a coach coin/card holder. i called coach and asked them if it could be real, the lady said that walmart is not a distributor of coach products, could this be a fake? :shrugs:
  2. I seem to recall a news story a while back about Sams selling fake coach....and Walmart is definitely not a coach distributor...and I can't imagine anyone would put a prize worth that in one of those stupid I'm gonna say it was definitely a fake...
  3. It was proably fake unless like they bought it from coach and give it to you or give you a GC to get one.

    but sam's is notorious (a few lawsuits) for selling fake merchindise.
  4. LOL now I've really heard it all! :lol:
  5. :roflmfao: i was wondering.
  6. I've always wondered why Sam's Club would sell Coach and Prada purses... that's terrible.
  7. fendi bags, kate spade, My Flat In London Bags, Gucci Sunnies, and Burberry Sunnies also!! the last time i went this weekend they didnt have the sunglasses or fendi or KS bags. but they had the MFIL bags, and a bunch of crystal bags and wallets made of exotic leathers.
  8. You should go back and take a picture with a digital camera to show us!!!!
  9. Maybe its a return and someone left it in there! LOL
  10. i am surprised that walmart would sell coach stuff. maybe you can ask the walmart staff about it?
  11. if i go to walmart tomorrow ill snap a pic. i think i will ask about it tomorrow.
  12. Weird... I've never seen coach at walmart, just sam's club.
  13. At our local Wal-Mart there is this game in the game room area and I saw a Coach wristlet!! To me it looked authentic, but I'm no expert. That wristlet has been there forever. Guess nobody won it yet. And as far as Sam's Club, I have seen Coach, Fendi, and Kate Spade. Don't know if they real either.
  14. Generally those machines are owned by independent companies... I'd look for a phone number on the machine and contact them there
  15. I work at wal-mart as an assistant manager and the machines and rides in the entry way or game rooms do not belong to wal-mart they belong to venders who put them there. we own some of the soda machine but that is all. As far as the thing with sam's I don't know I read it too. It is funny that I look around at the bags at wal-mart and they have the same styles as the high-end last year but made really cheap. Maybe the vender is using real stuff to attract older girls to play.