Coach Wallets on Bluefly

  1. There are a few black and brown signature wallets on for $135. I know some people have questioned Bluefly, but I thought I'd post anyway. Here's a pic of one:

  2. I didn't know Coach was on Bluefly. I've heard everything on Bluefly is authentic, but they aren't an authorized Coach retailer so I don't know. That looks like a stock photo.
  3. They look fishy,my mother was showing me them the other day. They look fake IMO
  4. i seem to recall there being authenticity issues with balenciaga or something...but, honestly, the wallets they have up there aren't really a great deal.
  5. The ONLY two authorized retailers of Coach online is & I also would not trust bluefly because of their past rep, eek.
  6. Does that go for all coach products? Bluefly also has a Coach watch, and I saw one on once upon a time as well.
  7. I'm pretty positive, watches throw me for a loop a little since they're made by Movado but i'm pretty damn sure it's all Coach product :smile:

  8. Good to know, thanks!!
  9. i know someone who has been burned by bluefly .becareful !
  10. QVC is selling three Coach watches on it's web site.