Coach Wallets- Help please!

  1. hi ladies!!

    i need a new more "sophisticated" wallet (i'm going to be the big 2-1 in a couple months!) that will fit all my cards, my cash, my change, and my CHECKBOOK. the wallet i have currently (a non-designer) doesn't fit my checkbook properly...

    so a few questions for you coach lovers!!:
    1) what is your favorite coach wallet- does it fit all your belongings?
    2) How is the quality on coach wallets- do they hold up considering all their use?
    3) What is your favorite style right now?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. i like monogram. my sig wallet has been used every day for 2 yrs. couple of scratches on the leather, but otherwise perfect. i like that it has 10 slots (i have a lot of cards!) personally, i only use my cheque book for rent, so it stays at home. i would go w a darker colour for the next time bc i find my cards have dirtied the pale beig leather a bit in the card slots.
  3. I have been buying the mini wallets lately. I dont carry a bunch of CC's with me anymore so they suit me nicely. Not to mention that they fit in the Chelsea turnlock wristlet very nice. I have the patchwork zip around compact one, but thats not even close to classy. Very casual.

    Honestly the one classy wallet I have and love is a Balenciaga Money wallet. Totally feminine and classy.
  4. I'm using a SoHo checkbook wallet as of current. Fits everything and more!
  5. Never go wrong with wristlets! I LOVE my framed Legacy stripe wristlet. I've tried 3 times to go to a wallet but I always go back to her. The strap makes it way too easy to carry around!
  6. I would go to the outlet and loook around because they have a ton of really nice wallets.