Coach wallets and outlets

  1. Does anyone know where (or if) the Coach wallets at the outlet/factory are stamped to indicate that they are from the outlet? Is there a similar mark to the bullseye they put on the Coach creed in the purses?

    Also, where do you find the style number on the Coach wallets?

    Thanks. :yes:
  2. Its hidden..but yes most likely a stamp is still there someplace. It took quite a bit of searching to spot it on my outlet store wallet but I did eventually. Style number is NOT on the have to get it off the tag.
  3. I never noticed a stamp on my outlet wallet--if it's there it's hidden very well!
  4. Thanks for the info re: outlet wallets. How is the wallet selection in the outlets? Do you they usually get a lot of the same ones from the store? Which wallets have people seen at the outlets lately??
  5. The selection is pick and choose and usually very odd colors like sky blue, orange, black leather, navy leather, Sig C in Brown, yellow, green

    Mix of odd and ends. YOu never know what your gonna see.
  6. I think I might check out what is at the Round Rock, TX outlet. Anybody been this week?
  7. I haven't been this week, but I went a week and a half ago. I feel there are slim pickins' and I'd drive to San Marcos. They had the optic wallets in green/vachetta and yellow/vachetta for an additional 40% off. They also had various others like the sand pebbled leather wallet for 20% off.

    Has anyone been more recently?
  8. Sorry, the selections I mentioned above were at the San Marcos outlet!
  9. Hi, did you see any signature C small wallets in brown or black?
  10. I saw some sig C wallets, but they were long and in the hot pink w/suede. Also saw white wallets. I didn't remember any brown color (maybe I did see black), but you may have to call the actual store! sorry, my memory starts fading after a couple of days!!
  11. When I bought my wallet back in April, the outlet that I went to in Tennessee had mainly random colors, I think I was debating between hot pink and purple, there were some black wallets, but I wound up getting the purple. You just have to look to find one that you like. And I haven't found the bullseye on mine yet, but I'm sure its there somewhere because everything that's in the outlets is stamped- even the keychains!!
  12. lol Man, now I'm going to search for the outlet mark on my wallet.
  13. Wow, the keychanins are stamped with the bullseye too?? I never realized that.
  14. My keychains are...on my wallet its underneath the fold for one of the card pockets.