Coach Wallet Recommendations

  1. Hi fellow-Coach-lovers,

    I recently purchased a large Burberry novacheck hobo bag Burberry - Novacheck Hobo - Neiman Marcus) & I've been wanting to buy a wallet to go along with it. I'm debating between the Burberry novacheck clutch wallet and a Coach one, but I'm leaning more towards Coach because I love it so much :heart: :biggrin:

    What do you girls think? Should I stick with the good ol' matching purse & wallet combo, or spice it up with something a little different? Would they clash?

    Can any of you girls recommend a good Coach wallet for me please?

    TIA! Sorry for the all the questions, but I know you girls will be able to give me great feedback cause you all have wonderful taste! ^_^
  2. :yes: Nice bag. I would say get the Novacheck wallet because I like to match everything if possible. But thats just me. ;)

    But get what you love, if you love the Coach then get the Coach. Are there any Coach wallets that you are leaning towards right now? How big do you want the wallet to be? Also do you change your wallets frequently? If you tend to stick to one wallet a lot I would get something in black or some neutral color that would match everything.
  3. Thanks for your reply & compliment!

    No, unfortunately I don't have any Coach wallets in mind at the moment, so I can't even put up any pictures for you girls to look over. I do change wallets every so often (depending on which bag I use), but I guess would prefer something in black/neutral...just so that it can match with everything like you've mentioned :yes: I don't have a particular size of wallet in mind right now either. Keeping my options open for now. hehe
  4. Coach has really nice leather wallets. But I don't really like the styles they have out right now in leather. I don't know about you but I tend to avoid wallets with buckles or hardware on the outside. I had a Coach wallet with a buckle once and the buckle scratched up some of my leather accessories inside my bag, I never used that wallet ever again.

    But two wallet styles I have always liked was the Slim envelope and the Zip around wallet. I don't see it in leather on the Coach website but I know they used to make it in leather. But they do have it in the signature prints:

    Coach Slim Wallet

    Coach Zip Around
  5. I'd say get the matching wallet.
  6. I had the matching wallet to a few purses for a while... but it just got to where it seemed like tooooo much. Also, I like the idea now of having my wallet and accessories and being able to change purses easily, if I want. :smile:

    For a Coach wallet, I would suggest:

    If you want to try the matching wallet, try it once just to see if its for you... other then that, out of all of the wallets I've used, MJ zip clutch wallets haved worked the best for me... Good luck!!
  7. I have the zip around in Laria's second picture. It is pebbled leather. I got it in December. I absolutely love it and it is by far my favorite wallet style I have ever used. That could also partly be because it is also my first Coach wallet. But it is so easy to organize and get things in and out of! You can always ask the SA if they can order a leather one for you...

    I like to get accessories that are not the same style as the bag. I like the extra punch. As long as it doesn't clash - that is not good. :smile:
  8. I love matching wallets! I always try to get a wallet to match the bags I carry the most and then I use a red Kate Spade for all my other bags.