Coach Waist/Fanny pack? Like Gucci's

  1. I saw this was discussed a while ago, but has anyone been able to track these down? I'm constantly looking on eBay, but it's seems virtually impossible and they looked so adorable. My sister has one that is a big bigger than the Gucci fanny pack, but same general design. Anyone know where I can find them?
  2. They're in the outlets now. I just picked up two yday at an excellent, excellent price. I'll post pix when I get home.
  3. I really like them.
  4. the hip bag was at the outlet.
  5. i got mine at the outlet in san juan! it was $89!!
  6. if it's the one i'm thinking and at outlet i'd catch them while it's there, it'll go fast!

    this one has two pockets in the front, turn lock closure, and a zipper closure on the top of the fanny pack right?

    and three colors, khaki with white trim, khaki with gold trim, and black on black.

    they're really cute!

    g'luck with your search!
  7. Is this the bag that you can wear like a messenger bag (meaning wearing the strap cross body?). Do you remember how much it was?
  8. ^ are you talking about the duffle?

    this was was small (wristlet-ish size, but a little deeper). i think it was $79 with 20% off.
  9. ah. that's not the one that looks like gucci's

    it's the one where you can remove the belt, and it becomes just a pack?

    has a zipper compartment in the front and a main one.

    we just transferred it out of our store last week.

    retails regularly for 138$ i believe
  10. no, the one i saw was smaller and i don't think it had pockets. there's difference in a hip bag and a waist pack, too...but they're the same general thing, you know?
  11. yeah, i know it's not the one that looks like gucci- just mentioned it because it's sort of the same thing...and i actually like the one i saw better (less bulky, to me).
  12. kallison

    thanks for answering my questions! take it easy!
  13. i was stating for the orignal poster's benefit.

    thanks for letting me know you know too though!
  14. ^ i thought that you thought i didn't know what the gucci one looked like, that's all.