Coach vs. Louis Vuitton

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  1. Ok, don't bash me on this one because I know nothing about Louis Vuitton or any other designer hand bag for that matter. Why is Louis Vuitton so much more expensive than Coach? What is the difference between there leather and Coach's leather, or their canvas vs. Coach's canvas. I guess I'm just asking because I've been VERY interested in a LV speedy 30 and it's 700 on the website. Is it worth the investment? I love coach and always will, and if the LV isn't, I'd like to buy more of the Legacy purses, maybe another Gigi or something? TIA
  2. Well, this is bound to get a lot of varied replies... I will say that first, Coach's coated canvas hasn't been out long enough to judge how it compares to LV. LV coated canvas wears like iron, and often outlasts the leather components on the bags. But with LV you are also paying for the name, the history, the reputation, the status and everything else that goes along with a very old and very well respected House.

    The LV bags generally are not worth it for me. I am not terribly fond of the coated canvas bags, and hand-helds don't work for me (nice to find that out AFTER I purchased a Speedy 25!). And I will not pay the prices they ask for a leather bag.

    Overall, no matter what the opinions are, no one else can decide if an LV is worth it or right for you. I'd suggest you go into a boutique, try on the bag, take a look at it yourself, go home and think about it and then decide. Usually, a bag either "speaks to you" or it doesn't.
  3. There have been quite a few threads like this all ready.
  4. I used to own the LV Poppincout Haut but I only kept it for a couple of months. I was to afraid to use it, since I paid almost $900, and I just ended up selling up to buy more Coach. I have to admit that it was nice to finally own one since I had been wanting one for years, but after that I don't really have the desire for another one and I definetly don't want to spend that kind of money. I could have gotten a large Sabrina will all the matching accessories for the just about the same price.
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    The main difference, aside from price points, is that LV products (including shoes) are all hand made by specialized and skilled artisans in the US, France, Spain, or Italy. It can take a few days or even weeks for an LV item to be crafted/created. Therefore, LV items are often produced in limited quantities, especially Limited Edition items. LV also uses some of the finest leathers and dyes for their pieces. Coach on the other hand, is mass produced with most items being manufactured in China. Additionally, an LV bag tends to hold it's value over the years and in some cases, can be sold for much more than the orig. retail price many years down the road. This is also a testament to the durability and quality of the LV products.
  6. Coach--they call themselves affordable luxury so I guess that is what they are. I have tons of Coach bags that I haven't used after I purchased my first LV. Then after a while, I found everyone else carrying Coach--it started to wear out for me. I mean I still love my Coach purses but find myself not using them as much. I have found many other designers, not just LV, that appeal to me as well. It's really up to you and how you like each individual bag that comes your way. There are a lot of new designers out there that have great style and are different from the everyday. Just a few non-LV designers that I've gotten into lately... Botkier, Hayden-Harnett, Treesje. They are great designers and offer many options on bags, and are still affordable in my opinion. Also, LV tends to be a "status symbol" because of its name and definitely the price range.

    I still do use my Coach checkbook wallet though and my mini-skinny... wallets that cost more than a purse kinda bug me, although, I still am looking into the Dior and LV wallets that will definitely be my last wallet purchases if I ever get them.

    Good luck on your decision and I love my Speedy 30.
  7. I say get what you love to carry, no matter the brand. I bought a Miu Miu and it was $1500. I have carried it a little, but it's lambskin and I am terrified something will happen to it, so it mostly sits in it's dust bag. I'd love to be able to get my money back out of it and just carry Coach. I love Coach because it's affordable and I don't have to stress out about it nearly as much.
  8. I've been reading How Luxury Lost Its Luster. Many of the popular design houses started as family businesses but have all been sold and are mass produced now. There is a huge mark up on all of it, including Coach.
    That said, I have 1 lv bag and several Coach. The Coach bags are still well made, though they are no longer made in the US.
    Its good to keep it in perspective though. There are CEOs at the helm of these companies who want to keep everyone spending. Its less about pride and workmanship and more about selling to the masses.
    Now to the OP, I guess the reason Coach is still less than these other brands is that they can appeal to a large number of people who still consider other designers expensive, yet not everyone can afford them KWIM? Their prices have gone up significantly. The legacy for example, when reintroduced in 06 the shoulder bags were $398, the new flap shoulder is over $500.
  9. Thank you all for your input. All of your replies are very helpful!
  10. I am actually kind of ashamed to admit this in front of all of my dear Coachies, but I've been looking at LV Damier pieces, including the Neverfull MM, Speedy 30, and Hampstead MM.:shame: I still don't like their Monogram stuff, with the exception of the Mini Lin Speedy Ebene which I think is kinda cute.

    One thing that I've definitely taken a notice to is the resale value between the two, as I'm trying to clean out my closet of several Coach items on Bonanzle, and e*bay before that. IMO, the way Coach sends its merchandise almost immediately to the outlets just kills a lot of the lasting monetary value of their don't get me wrong, I would be the first to jump on a great deal at an outlet on something that I wanted, and am thrilled for those that have great outlet finds...but when I struggle to get even half of what I paid for a bag that is in like-new condition, it is frustrating to say the least. LV bags that I've looked at online are going for very close to what a new one goes for at retail, with a difference of no more than $50-$100 for one that's in great condition.

    I'm not arguing for LV over Coach in ANY way...Coach still has my :heart:!
    But maybe I'm just looking for a little variety in my life, with a little RM here, a little LV there...that's all!:okay:
  11. That's exactly what I"m looking at. I'm looking at the Damier Azur Speedy 30 in probably the Ebony. I don't like the Monogram stuff, but I do like this. I just wanted to know if it's worth the investment. Coach has my heart still too, I just want to own ONE LV in my life.
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    NorthStar, the LV damier canvas is one of my favorites.... no vachetta leather to worry about during the rainy/winter months. You just wipe the canvas dry and you're all set to go. Plus, you don't have any color transfer issues to worry about.
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    It's worth the investment if you plan on using the bag. However, please note that you'll have to be a little careful with the vachetta leather and light damier azur canvas, which migh be prone to color transfer, especially when wearing dark rinse jeans or darker colored clothing. To be quite honest, I don't recommend the damier azur canvas if you plan on using the bag on a daily basis. Have you considered the regular damier canvas or epi leather? They're much more versatile and can definitley be used on a daily basis without any worries.
  14. Thanks for all the info. I am actually considering my first LV purchase as well. I am not sure what style yet. I think I will have to actually go and try some bags on first before I decide.
  15. ^^^ Me too. I am looking at the speedy. I would like to own at least one. Thanks for everyone's comments and to the OP for providing this thread.