Coach vs Dooney

  1. I dropped by TJMaxx a few hours ago and saw some Coach bags for sale there. I also saw a few Dooney and Bourke. Somehow, even browsing the websites of both Coach and Dooney I seem to be attracted more by Dooneys because they come in lots of different styles and colors.

    Coach has much less variety in styles than Dooney, or so it seems to me. Anyone for or against?
  2. Definitely go for the coach.
    Never saw a Dooney and Burke that wowed me.....
  3. coach. dooney? not so much.
  4. btw, go to a REAL Coach boutique, then tell us what you think.
  5. I prefer Coach. I've only gotten one Dooney and that was off of QVC. It was the only one I ever saw that I liked.
  6. Have done. I've been to the Coach boutiques at several malls around the neighbourhood, and Macys and Nordstroms also. Not very impressed with what was available...

    I'm not saying that Dooney is better productwise, but it seems that they have a better selection of styles and colors.

    This impression is by looking at the websites, not by going to the stores or Macys/Nordstroms which have a large collection of both brands.
  7. I have to agree with the OP and say that it looks like to me that Dooney has more variety than Coach. However, this is not enough to make me prefer Dooney over Coach because, in my opinion, Coach has styles that are more classic and beautiful. I like some Dooney styles, but I prefer Coach.

    (Btw, I own both a Dooney and a Coach, zip-top tassel tote and Chelsea hobo).
  8. I don't really prefer one over the other, but they kind of appeal to different markets. DB has a lot of "younger" (juvenile?) styles, where Coach tends to have more of a classic look. Also, the colors and variety change from season to season for both brands.
  9. True. I like most of the Coach styles which are very classic. I'm just mourning the fact that there are not very many different styles.

    I.e. The shoulder tote, the gallery tote, the hobo, the flap with the big buckle, the duffle and the pouch..they've added a satchel style now which looks nice...and the Carly and the Legacy and that's about it. The colors change with each season but the silhouettes remain much the same.

    Dooney does come in juvenile colors, but on their website for each kind of bag there are about 10-15 different styles to choose from. So sometimes I just prefer a different shaped bag than the prevalent Coach tote/hobo or duffel.

    Just thinking that I have more of a choice.
  10. i prefer Coach over Dooney
  11. I like coach.
  12. Coach seems so much more classy. Though Dooneys Pebbled Leather Goods are Lovely. I was at TJMAXX and saw a Dooney Cles like thing for $19!! I should have had my cousin got me it on his discount. Oh they also had Cavalli Shades for $10!!! :nuts:
  13. Coach over Dooney. I've had three Coach and 2 Dooney's. I'm selling both of my Dooney's on eBay and one Coach I've got at consignment shop, but keeping my other two Coach mini-hobos which I will nevah part with!

    BTW, I love your Shiva/Nataraj. Are you a Shiva devotee?
  14. I admire Asian art and my avatar is a pencil sketch I made of a bronze Nataraj Statue. I'm not a Shiva devotee, but this drawing hangs on my living room wall.
  15. I only own one D&B bag I bought off of QVC. I know the canvas and vachetts are reminiscent of LV, which I also own, but the D&B comes in a really pretty blue color you don't see often.