Coach vs Dooney.. (which bag should I get!???)

Which one is best for me?

  • Coach Ergo Pleated Framed Satchel!!

  • Dooney&Bourke Patent Leather Medium Chiara in Fuschia!!

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Aug 4, 2007
I need help guys!!!!! ToT

I want a new bag.. but I have NO IDEA which one I should get...

Here's some stuff about me that might help you get to know me to see which one would fit me better!
1. I love Coach, but most of the new stuff does not fancy me.
2. I love Dooney, but they haven't had any good stuff.. til NOW!
3. I don't own any pure-leather bags.. (either canvas or signature)
4. I'm a student.. so I love BIG BAGS..
5. I carry two bags with my to campus.. (1 contains a laptop and the other is my purse which has EVERYTHING else..)
6. I need something that will LAST me forever! (i'm sure both of these will!!)
7. I carry a lot of stuff.. so.. the bigger the better! (bag that is!)
8. All my bags are black/brown! I might want something that pops for spring/summer!
9. I am 21 years old.. almost 22! (in July!!)

Now.. since you have gotten to know me! Let's see what you gals think would fit me better!!

1. Coach Ergo Pleated Frame Satchel in Khaki/Chocolate.

2. Dooney&Bourke Patent Leather Medium Chiara in Fuschia.

Thank you for reading/voting!!!!! :biggrin:


PS. I posted this in general handbags forum because I know if I were to post in Coach or Dooney.. you know it would be pretty biased!! Haha.. :smile:


Jan 28, 2008
I'm not a fan of D&B but that Chiara is cute! I saw that Coach bag at Nordstroms and I found it to be a bit small. I was kind of surprised when I saw the dimensions because it didn't seem that size. I love big bags too and it just didn't seem large enough for me (I'm 5'7") However, I saw it in Navy and I thought that it was so cute! I love the pleats and the tattersal lining. If you go for that bag you've gotta get the pink!


Jun 9, 2007
I've always had Coach bags but like you haven't found anything that I liked lately. The Chiara from Dooney definitely caught my eye the first time I saw it and my vote is for that. The color is perfect for spring/summer, the size is also perfect for your needs. I think it will accomodate more stuff without looking weird. The Coach pleated Ergo looks like it will allow only some.