Coach virgins: Was your first time special?

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  1. Hi,

    I am ready to buy my first Coach bag. I want it to be special. So I want to hear about your first time: Did you buy your first Coach at full-price bag from a retailer? Or did you save a hundred bucks and get a good one from eBay? Or was it a gift? Or...?

  2. Buy your first from a Coach store! It will be a good experience and hopefully one that will bring you back!
  3. i worked hard to save my money..yup i was 16 when i purchased my first coach purse =] i got it from foley's, now known as macy's.
  4. I agree with Sprinkles - buy from a Coach store. The SA's are awesome, they wrap it up pretty, you get to carry the bag around. Not to mention that you should try on the bag and see how it looks and feels on you. Congrats on your first Coach purchase and welcome!
  5. Mine was from a trip to the outlet - now I can't stay out of the boutique. Just wish mine was a flagship store - but don't we all?
  6. Thanks. That's kind of what I'm thinking. Then I never have to wonder if it's really, really, real.
  7. I had a great experience buying my first Coach bag (I posted it in another thread here recently).

    Also tonight I took my friend to get her first bag using my PCE card. She wound up getting a lavender Skinny Mini and an optic Swing Pack. I'm soooo proud!
  8. My first Coach was a gift from my boyfriend. Our 1-year anniversary was coming up (this was in September) and he kept asking me what i wanted. I would (half) jokingly reply "oh you know a Coach purse" and he would say "oh ok right, i have noo money, i can only spend like 50 bucks." well i was online one night looking @ Coach bags and he called me and asked what i was doing I told him, and said, "if you want to get me one i like this one" well our anniversary came and we exchanged gifts, then he said I have one more for you, and went and got a huge Coach box, and it was my first! The Legacy Signature Shoulder Zip. i love it! I recently bought my first one, that I've ever bought myself. The Carly Signature Swing Pack with White stripe. It was so fun going into the store and actually picking stuff out and trying things on! The SAs are so nice and helpful. They love giving suggestions and selling you accessories, it's fun! And then carrying a Coach bag around the mall is awesome! Go to the boutique, so fun!
  9. Well my first coach bag was this one from macys... a poppy demi.. it was on sale for like 125.. i ended up selling it on eBay and regretted it!

    my first bag that i kept was from macys... a brown medium duffle.. it was on sale for 209 instead of 298 (i used to work at macys so i was a macysoholic!)

    now i have a shoulder tote which i bought from the store during the PCE and i LOVE it!
  10. Buy from the store was fun and special. The SAs really take care of you and, you can build a lasting relationship with them, too! I just love how they help you so much and then send you a sweet COACH Thank You Note. SO COOL! Of course, I've also been to the Outlet...But...the FIRST should be the REAL, Real Deal!!:yes:
  11. I bought my first from eBay. I went to the store first though and looked around but was not sure if I really wanted to get one. Then I saw the same one on ebay (my cousin's best friend was the seller) and could not resist getting it for $150 cheaper then the store. Since then I have been hooked. So far, two wallets and four purses. Some from the coach store, others from the same ebay seller who is awesome. My first coach outlet trip will be in two months :smile:
  12. my first designer item as an unexpected christmas gift. :smile:
  13. started with an unexpected bday gift and then an unexpected random gift from the bf.
  14. Mine was a high school graduation gift from my brother's girlfriend... a black and white mini sig demi.

    Go to the store for your first purchase. I'm sure it will be a memorable experience.
  15. i was in high school 10th grade when i got my first coach bag it was like $280.00 and i got it at a coach store. i don't buy coach any more but i do remember loving it so much