Coach Vintage Chelsea Satchel or Legacy Satchel

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  1. I just bought the Chelsea Vintage Satchel during PCE. I love it because its two toned so it goes with everything! I just looked at the Legacy Satchel online and thought WOW!

    I am looking for something to carry everyday as a purse with my computer backpack.
    The chelsea is so cute but I am unsure about the pebbled leather. Do you guys like the pebbled leather and will it hold up? The legacy is so beautiful but I bet its HEAVY!

    I have been looking at the bleaker shopper in British Tan but maybe I should just keep my Chelsea satchel and then choose between the Legacy and Bleaker when it comes out!
    Help! deciding if I should use my Chelsea.
  2. Hi! Perhaps you meant to post this in the Coach forum? You should try Chloe one day though! Very addicting, just like Coach!;)