COACH updated website

  1. Hello all!! Our friends at Coach have updated their website. Sad but true I was not impressed with many bags, however the accessories were cute. The :yahoo:Watermelon Key fob is nice and those nice patent coin purses. I also noticed more clothing that seemed a bit over priced to me. Would anyone of you buy this Coach - WOMEN’S STRIPED LACE UP TOP
    So what did you think of the update??
  2. im to fat for that shirt-lol
  3. I would buy the shirt...even though stripes remind me of Freddy Cruger(sp?) lmao.
  4. Well, I'm not all that impressed with the new bags on the website. I saw the optic blue duffle in the catalog, and I thought I might get that, but I didn't realize it has brass hardware. I hate brass hardware! So, I guess I'm keeping my soho small flap instead of exchanging it for anything new.
  5. Ok, I will happily pay $498 for a bag if I love it. No problem. But $498 for a shirt? Cashmere or not, that's insanity to me.
  6. Where are the scarf print bags and the new stripe bags? I can't find them on the website. Did anyone noticed all the legacy striped items are back, but not available to order.
  7. I'm with patrice - not bowled over with the bags, but I love the pieced striped wristlet, the multi-patent flower keyfob and the watermelon charm. Hmmm . . . crappy week at work = retail therapy in the form of a new accessory?
  8. I'm lovin' these two really...and oddly enough, I feel they are affordable. However, when do I buy? Now and wait to use it for spring...or pray they don't sell out fast?

    Hamptons weekend tote in green ($198)

    with the Watermelon charm hanging off it ($38)

  9. $498 for a shirt? I better buy a nice bag for that price.
  10. Well... I haven't made it through the whole website yet, but I found this:


    That I really like!! And would consider, although I don't know if I will get around to buying, because Tory Burch makes one that is similiar and I think its quite a bit less...

    I'm not extremely thrilled with any of the bags or accessories, with exception of the adorable watermelon charm... Guess I just have to wait until the next update!!! :shrugs:

    On a side note... my Rhea sandals are on there now!!! So I can order those ASAP!! Yea!
  11. i think the patchwork and scribble looks tacky, but the flower coin purses and patent ones are cute :yes: but the flower purse is kinda expensive for a small item
  12. ^^ Dewey, for that price... I would get it as soon as it fits into your budget, so that they don't sell out of them. I really like that bag, and if I didn't have the lilac one, would get it just because it is soooo adorable with that charm!!! :yes:
  13. hmmm...well...i have a pale green I really NEED the dark green one? (i love green!)
  14. Not sure if everyone knows this, but there are a lot more styles on the website (ergo hobo, carly wristlet, etc etc) if you click through the online catalog instead of looking through the regular part of the site.