Coach Treo Case on Sale half off just for holidays!

  1. Here's the Coach one on sale. I just got an email from Palm about it!
    I saw it on sale at Christmas and Valentines and now for mother's day. It always goes back to retail price of $99 once the holiday is over so grab it at this price while you can if you love Coach and have a Palm!
    Orange is the only color they offer that I can find or I'd have to have one of these babies!


    Coach™ Signature Treo™ Case
    ONLY $49.99! (Originally $99.99)**

    Model Number: 3279WW

    Now you can enjoy Coach's distinctive design in a high-quality Treo™ smartphone case. Crafted from Coach's distinctive fabric with leather accents, this chic case features an elegant slide closure and nickel hardware.

    Treo 700p
    Treo 700w
    Treo 700wx
    Treo 650


    Coach's Signature jacquard fabric (khaki)
    Vermillion Nappa leather accents
    Polished nickel hardware
    Wrist strap with dogleash clip

    Compatible with: Treo™ 700p, Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, Treo 650 smartphones only
  2. ^^ think this will work for the new blackberry 8800?
  3. ^^^ I have no idea personally. I carry a Treo myself. The Blackberrys I have seen have been wider than a Treo but I'm not sure about that particular model.
  4. Thanks for posting this! I have a Treo also. I'm just trying to decide if I reeealy need this though. :drool:
  5. thats cute :smile: