Coach tPF-ers are the best!

  1. OK. You all are really something. I come home today from work (early since I had to tote DS#2 with me again) and checked my mail. There was another RAOK gift!

    I'mASadGiraffe (btw I love your screenname) sent this box of "sunshine." Chocolate sunshine- yum! The bestest kind along with a beautiful card that looks like a flower. Man y'all are just too much. I am in tears with how touched I am (and wondering what little birdie is giving out my address :lol:). THANK YOU!

    Better day today in some ways. Found out that they have another person to interview for that job I want. So I'm kind of bummed that they weren't like "O we have to have you!" but at least I guess I'm still in the running. It might be another couple of weeks before I hear anything more. DH is feeling depressed and in pain. He feels like someone is choking him and stabbing him in the back of the neck at the same time. His sister is coming over to pick him up and he's going to stay with her for about a week. I think the change in scenery will be good for him. I took DS#2 to the pedi this morning before going to work and it isn't chicken pox! He didn't think it is roseola either. But he said it was something viral and he should be okay by the end of the weekend. He has a note to go back to daycare Monday.

    Going to the Coach boutique this weekend. DH said to look over some smaller things and either get something for myself I want for V Day or to let him know and he can order it because he won't be back until a couple of days after. I might just wait til he gets back but I'll see... I wonder what kind of smallish thing I can get. :shrugs:
  2. Oops. forgot the picture...
  3. YUM!!! Great package!

    Glad your son doesn't have anything serious!!
  4. Awww, how sweet. People are so wonderful here. Hope your DH and son feel better soon!
  5. Love the flower card ... that really does look like a real flower...

    Choxie is soooo goood too!

    You deserve good vibes coming your way.
  6. That's so sweet!!!!:love:
    I hope your DH recovers his surgery and your DS feels better soon!!!
    And really hope you can nail that job Jenn :flowers:
  7. That is so sweet!! Enjoy!
  8. Yummm, chocolate :p
    Enjoy, how sweet of her!
  9. Chocolate makes everything better! I hope things continue to look up for you and your family.
  10. OK. I am bummed again. I don't know what I have done to have such bad karma/luck/whatever. DS#1 went to fire up the Wii and the little cursor hands from the remotes aren't showing up on the screen. I called Nintendo after looking around online and they think the sensor bar is out. They are sending me a new one but it'll be about a week. And worse yet it was the cherry on the crap sundae that this has been and when I was talking to DH he made me feel bad about being upset about this. Yea, it might be a little thing but it's yet ANOTHER little thing on top of little thing. So instead of getting mad at him, I just started crying and told him I'll talk to him later :sad: It's days like this that I wish I drank (J/K)
  11. Glad things are getting better! Baby steps....:flowers:
    Ohhhhh! We had that happen to our Wii---try leaving it off and then try it again. It seems to be a tricky little game system. Those cursor fingers can be hard to control!
  12. Sending you ((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))) :heart::heart::flowers::flowers:
    Things will get better Jenn!!! They have to be!!:yes:
  13. Thanks. I'm going to take this as a sign that the boys and I will do non-technology fun stuff this weekend.

  14. Aw 'Kiki ...maybe you should find a closet and just :hysteric: (and I say that too...'too bad I don't drink cos if I did tonight would be the night') haha
  15. Aww girl! I know it has to be super hard being away from DH and having to deal with all the little things that can go wrong in life. Life always seems to throw things at the toughest people - probably because tough people can handle it! Take a deep breath, eat a truffle :smile:, and remember that soon, all this bad stuff will be but a memory.