Coach TPF Challenge: Let's Make this Forgotten Coach Bag Week!


Feb 8, 2009
Ok ladies, I was going thru my closet and re-discovered a bag I have not carried in a year. A bag I love, but somehow lost sight of it. I know many of us, as our collection grows, have many bags in boxes in our closets. And we, for whatever reason, have kept these lovely bags on the back burner. You might have forgotten you had it, it was out of season, or just did not carry it for a long time. So let's find these forgotten Coach bags, and take them out this week and give them the love they deserve! They may be legacy bags, oldies but goodies, or even from the past year which you just have not carried in a while.

I think this will be a fun thing and we will get to see a lot of bags we have not seen in a while :smile:

What's your forgotten bag? And tell us what you love about it?

Mine is:

This used to be my avatar! Parker OP Art satchel in Bronze and Rosegold. Even more stuning IRL. How I miss that Parker leather too, and love the shimmery bronze leather on this bag (always wished they made an all leather in this particular bronze) and rosegold hardware on this one.


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I Need More Cowbell
Jan 26, 2008
Oh, I love your idea!

Mine is a black leather, pleated ergo satchel. I may have carried it once since I rec'd it, as I have the same style in a natural, tan color, and I tend to gravitate towards it, instead.

I typically don't carry black bags--not sure why--but you've inspired me! I love pleated ergos--so easy to carry and maintain organization. I also love their linings (tattersal--spelling?).

I'm looking forward to wearing this bag, today, and dressing it up with the crab keychain. The red will look fabulous against the black leather!

Thanks, Melissatrv, for this idea! Enjoy rocking your Parker Satchel (adore that scrumptious Parker leather)!
Jul 25, 2007
I did this last week with my cranberry Sabrina. I couldn't remember tbe last time I carried it, but suddenly everyone was holding a Sabrina one day so I went home and pulled mine out. Rather an impractical bag since I hate the long strap but I did carry it by hand for several days. Think I'll paredown even more and carry amethyst bridgit at some point this week. Great idea


Feb 23, 2009
Such a fun idea! I actually dug out one of my "older" Coaches - my pink pearl Parker Hippie. I got it at the outlet late last year but had never ever worn it, and I decided it was time. I'm loving it even more now. Here's a DD pic.


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"The Bag Whisperer!"
Dec 18, 2009
Not forgotten, just neglected! My very first coach bag was a parker hippie 13420 in khaki/sand and all winter I was looking forward to getting her out of the closet and wearing her during the summer. But now that summer is here I haven't used her at all!

A few weeks ago I found a convertible camel/natural straw Bonnie tote 13400 at the outlet and I love carrying this bag so much that I haven't wanted to carry any other summer bags (including my beloved parker hippie or my pretty new peach Kristin hobo!)

Here's a stock pic of my hippie - she's gorgeous! I really need to enjoy her again soon - but my heart belongs to Bonnie! What to do?!


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Dona Nobis Pacem
Mar 29, 2007
I love this idea! I have bags just wasting away in their dust bags! I think I will take my large denim Carly out tomorrow. I even have the matching wallet and wristlet. Thanks Melissatrv!


Feb 24, 2006
hmm I guess my 2 oldest the original denim large carly and a tan satchel I don't even remember the name lol.. they still look new



Feb 8, 2009
Emily: Let us know what you find in your closet!
Cate: Those pleated ergo satchels are beautiful
Dawn: It may be summer, but what the heck, bust out that suede bag for an evening!!
Princess: Keep us updated on which bags you carry
Donnalynn: You know how I feel about that Cranberry Sabrina, it should never sit in the closet :smile:
Toby: I have that Pink Pearl Parker in the shoulder bag, that is one of my "forgotten bags I will carry this week. I had put it away for the winter, looks lovely in the Hippie too!
Kate: I think you should step up to the challenge and carry that Hippie one day this week, you'll be glad you did. LOL.
Llbue: Love the demin Carly!
FineCabernet: Definitely an all seasons classic
Inch: Loving the denim Carly and the satchel, is it maybe a Soho satchel? Nice clean looking summer bag.


Bags+More bags=bliss
Nov 24, 2008
I love this idea I have not carried my LG black siggy carly in a while I lost the handtag at my kids school and found it in the parking lot the next day but it had been ran over so now in my eyes my Carly is ruined but that used to be my go to bag for a good while