Coach Totes?

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  1. I was looking on the coach website at the signature stripe totes and they are too cute! :heart: The only problem is that I would only use it at school and I'm worried about the tiny little straps breaking... They look even worse/thinner in person! Do you think I should look at another style for my textbooks/laptop???
  2. Yes, though I haven't heard anyone say their straps broke, those do look pretty thin and for school you may want to go carly, hamptons tote, or a messenger bag.
  3. I can't imagine carrying everything I need for class in the signature stripe tote. The straps are just too small! I currently use a hamptons large weekend tote, and it works really well for my notebooks, textbooks, laptop, etc.
  4. I use one for my laptop and binder (book I usually carry in hand or dont need to take to class, atleast right now) and it works great. I also dont have far to walk or have to stand holding it on my shoulder for long periods of times so that may be why it works for me. I never over load it and for the occasional class I have that needs a lot more I use a target messanger bag or bookbag.
  5. i use a signature drafting tote for my school can fit my laptop and text books with room to spare. only thing is mine doesn't have a shoulder strap, so it gets heavy on my hand/forearm. on the site it shows that some of them now do come with shoulder straps., so that could be much more useful. this bag works perfect for my stuff even though it is considered a travel bag
  6. Aside from the possiblity of the straps breaking, because they're so thin they may start to dig into your shoulder if it's too much weight.
  7. I personally prefer the single strap totes for this very reason. The dual straps just don't look hefty enough in proportion to the bags!
  8. I carry the 10080 multifunction tote. There is also a smaller version, the 10079 and a leather 10038. It has nice wide straps that will fit over your shoulder and is nice and roomy.