Coach totes for school??

  1. Hey coach peeps!! :nuts: Havent been here in a while, but anyway...

    Which Coach bag do you think would hold ATLEAST 3 textbooks, a trapper, a lunch box and some extra junk?? I really want a Coach bag!! Do you think that the Baby bags would fit this much?? If this wouldnt, do you have any suggestions?? TIA:p
  2. Oh yeah.......the bag has to fit into my locker with my binder and other text books too
  3. i think the diaper bag would work and be adorable
  4. anyone else?
  5. i use a large carly for class. but i also have a diaper bag for rainy days (which i would venture to say holds a bit more than the carly).
  6. i use the sig stripe travel tote it hold 2 of my textbooks, a large binder, and a few other things as well...and when it rains i flip it inside out lol
  7. i like the idea of flipping it lol:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I have the signature multi-function tote, 10080. It is a great bag...lots of room...outside pockets...nice thick handles that fit on the shoulder. It would make a great school bag. You can find them at the outlets if you are lucky.

  9. :sos:
  10. this is the bag I use for my laptop/school stuff, but in leather. I got mine at the outlet!
  11. kewl!! thanks!