Coach Totes as Diaper Bags

  1. Although Coach DOES have a separate line of diaper bags, I am wondering if anyone out there uses their normal purses as diaper bags instead? And if so, which ones? Do they hold everything you need for a quick trip to the store?

    I just need some suggestions for a smaller diaper bag that I can use on a daily basis that isn't a HUGE diaper bag, but more like a good sized purse that holds all of my diaper bag needs.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  2. I don't recommend putting bottles or anything that will leak & ruin the bag. But I used to always throw in extra diapers & toys. If you do put bottles in I would get a purseket to stuff them in so if they leak alittle it will just leak on the purseket & it will also hold the bottles/cups up straight since it has individual pockets.
  3. I'm actually the opposite, I'd use a diaper bag ad a handbag! LOL!
  4. I have the Coach Hampton tan/blue edges diaper bag, loved it and stared at it forever, then pretty much never used it. I don't know why, maybe it was a tad big. I ended up using the free diaper bag they gave away at the hospital.

    So the Coach is sitting in my closet until I figure out how to be an ebay seller.
  5. ditto! i'm actually thinking that might be the perfect bag for school!
  6. KAllison/KathyRose: Your posts cracked me up. I would never think of using a diaper bag as a normal bag b/c it's so big! But I guess you could and it would be great!

    Pursefanatic: Thanks for the sippy cup tip. I will keep that in mind when I start carrying bottles around.

    Anyone else??!??!
  7. I have a Coach Hamptons Weekend Medium tote. It's all nylon so it makes a great diaper bag. I got the black and blue one so my husband would feel comfortable carrying it. I know the outlets now sell the weekends, but they aren't the same material. They're not a satin finish like mine.
  8. allison, do you mind posting a picture if you have one? I'd love to see it! :yes:
  9. i used my large hamptons tote as a diaper bag when we went on vacation this summer. i put my stuff in it, and some things for my daughter as well. everything fit, and it was still easy to carry on the shoulder.
  10. mine looks like this one but mine is a satin finish and the vachetta around the edges on mine has turned dark.


    EDIT: That's such a terrible picture, so I'll take a pic of mine tonight.
  11. blackbutterly: Thank you for the tip! Looks like a weekend hamptons tote is the place for me to start!

    Allsion: I can't wait to see the picture that you post of your own bag! It is EXACTLY what I am looking for. Do you know if they still sell it? I saw something similar at the outlet about a month ago (for additional 50% off!) but they only had a gold or white color, which I thought was dangerous with a baby!
  12. bonniec: How much are you willing to sell it for? Do you have any pics?
  13. Actually I've seen the diaper bag used at the high school when I played "supermom" for my cousin. AS well as both school and work. I wouldn't personally, but it seems very versitile.
  14. Wow, it really is a small Coach handbag world, because I am doing the exact same thing with a nearly identical bag that I got on sale from Hecht's about 3 years ago. Mine is a dark blue (not navy) with green trim and the vachetta has turned a lovely amber shade.

    It's a perfect diaper bag for my 2 year old son, because it has the vinyl lining, lots of side pockets (great for crayons!) and holds the basic stuff (including the aforementioned crayons and a coloring book) for an afternoon out with my son. Plus it doesn't look "girly" so my husband doesn't mind carrying it, and it's lightweight enough that my son likes to carry it around himself. The ladies at the Fair Oaks Coach store always get a kick out of seeing him come in with his own Coach bag whenever we visit. (Cartoon Cuts is in that same part of the mall, so he knows we always have to go to Coach after he gets his hair cut.)

    As a handbag, it was okay, but as a diaper bag, it's wonderful!
  15. mharvey, do you have a picture? I'd love to see one so I know what to look for when I shop for it! :smile:

    Thanks for the great tip!