Coach tote with glitter straps

  1. I once saw this on eBay but I didn't get off to buy it..It was such a beauty!
    Khaki with purple/pink straps in glitter..

    I have no clue what model this might be or where I can find pics of it..

    Any idea's what it might be?
  2. Do you have pics or a link?
  3. Also, try to post it in the "Whats this bag" thread for faster answers
  4. ^And, are you sure it was real? I can't think of any Coach bags off the top of my head that had glitter straps. Was it an evening bag? Can you describe it more?

    Also, like knuttybar said, you might get more help if you post your question here:

    Good luck!
  5. I'm thinking maybe it's the Signature Beaded Tote? That came in the purple suede color. And the straps look "glittery."