Coach Tote Bags

  1. hi, ive decided to buy my girlfriend a coach tote/hobo bag or backpack for her birthday

    does anyone know whos selling or where to find a nice big coach signature shoulder bag

    just really looking for one of those classic signature bags for her to use
  2. or if you can find a coach outlet in your area, bags are very affordable there.
  3. Go on then customer service at the bottom of the page. You can then find store locations from there. That's the best place to start. Or you might be able to find a Coach outlet near you. Go to the thread titled "everything you ever wanted to know about Coach outlets" at the beginning of the Coach forum and you'll be able to find an outlet near you. Lastly, some Macy's, Nordstrom's, Dillard's and other higher end department stores carry Coach. I'd steer clear of eBay because of fakes or at least post in the 'authenticate this!' thread before purchasing, also found at the beginning of the forum. On there are the signature stripe shoulder totes in the Coach section. They are nice sized bags and would make a great gift. Just an idea. Good luck and hope this helps some!
  4. this is some awesome advice!!!