Coach Tortilla Bag

  1. [​IMG] Hi there, I bought this bag last yr & only use it a few times! Do you think it's out of style already? or the style is hideous?? The material is dusted suede & can easily be rubbed off. It's Coach's Tortilla Bag [​IMG]
  2. I think it's adorable! I have a gold dusted suede tote with the pockets on the front and it is one of my favorite bags. Not an every day bag but very nice.

  3. OMG please don't say that!! I have that exact bag! I bought it last year..In fact..I just used it for two weeks and put it I'm using my gucci...I love that bag!!! The suede hasn't rubbed off for me....I also have the matching large wristlet and the coin purse in the dusted gold suede.....I don't think it's out of style...I always get lots of compliments when I wear it....But I am mindful of what I wear when I'm using that bag..No professional suits or anything....:heart: Emmy
  4. I have the coin purse too. :yes: and the small hobo...unfortunately, I don't have a chance to use them at all yet. :P
  5. Happy Angel--Mine is the small one too...It is a little small for me..I wish now I had gotten the larger one..But I still love it :heart: Emmy
  6. I just bought the large braided hobo last month...I LOVE that! It's a big bag and looks SHARP! I bought it in white..but it's really a bone color....You could wear it in winter...I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of red gloves for this reason..I think that purse, one of my black coats and those red gloves would be festive at Christmas time!
  7. Emmy, I still see some large tortilla bags on ebay for about $200 US. :yes:
  8. You mean the large gold one? Thanx! But I don't want another hobo...If anything I will sell the small gold one that I have some day (when I get the nerve to sell on ebay---haven't done it yet) and I would buy another large one but in a different color leather.....
    :heart: Emmy
  9. Oh I see...regular leather coach bag definitely lasts longer than the gold color one. :yes:
  10. I think it is a beautiful bag and is a style and fabric that will never go out of style - of course as mentioned you should probably be dressed appropriately. Not sure how one might be perceived walking into a Federal courtroom carrying it.....hehehe!! Otherwise, I can't see why it would go out of style. Gold is a staple in our lives - if it ever goes out of style, there are a millions of women who are going to be in trouble with their wedding rings!!!

  11. I agree!!! :heart: Emmy
  12. I want that bag! LOL! Or the pleated one. In gold! I've been trying ot get it off eBay but no luck yet.
  13. I'll tell you what...When I get the nerve to sell on ebay..and I decide to sell this one..I'll let you know lol!!! I'm kind of growing out of it..Lateley I am loving my bigger bags!!! :heart: Emmy
  14. I love the style & shape of that hobo. I like the slouch. But I would have got it in white or black if that was available, don't get me wrong gold is still pretty but harder to dress w/ as neutral colors you can't really go wrong. As stated above imo I don't think gold will ever go out of style. Oh yeah the tassle adds a nice cute little touch too.
  15. Yes, I should have get a pink one instead, but I really like the gold color.:yes: I love the tassle too. I even bought this one, too bad I haven't have a chance to use it. :rolleyes: >>>> [​IMG]