Coach Top Handle Brown with Khaki Signature

  1. On the Celebrities and Coach thread, there is a picture of Lacey Chabret (?) carrying the top handle brown with khaki signature bag. Soooo cute!!! Of course, I'm sure its old and going to be impossible to find, but does anyone remember an approximate time frame for when it came out? I have catalogs from 2 years back and haven't seen it in any of those, but if its too old I'll just watch eBay.

    On my quest for yet another, impossible to find bag!!:p

    Thanks for your help!!!
  2. i may just be missing it in that thread...but point me to which post you're looking at.
  3. you got it right to that post, sialia. :smile:

    i seem to recall that bag at the outlets...but maybe it was just the flaps i saw?
  4. I found a little bit better pic:
  5. Yes, thats the bag! :smile: Has anyone seen it anywhere recently? There is one on eBay I'm eyeballing, but I was wondering just how rare it really is?
  6. What's the eBay link? Does it tell you the style #?
  7. Found it! Style #7059. I am a pretty good detective! HEHE...

  8. Okay, I need help finding a bag... what about the tote that Lacey is carrying in 2 pictures above this purse? It's brown & white w/large C's w/brown leather handles. It's on the above link too. I love it! I wonder how old it is and if it's still available. Can anyone help me? TIA!
  9. It came out this past summer style # 7551. You can call the 800 number and probably order it. That's how I found the Shoulder Cotton Tote. This is called Legacy Cotton Signature Tote 7551.


    I know this is in yellow, but you can order it in chocolate. They are sold out of the clutch. I bought the yellow clutch 8862 but it's a good contrast. Hope this helps. Another mission completed! :wlae:
  10. Thats it, Handbag Ashley!! :yahoo: You are a good detective!!! This is the first bag in a while that really grabs me!! That Lacey girl has good taste!! Why oh why didn't I like it when it was in the store????:confused1:
  11. Thank you sooooo much, Handbag Ashley! You're an awesome detective! Mission Accomplished ... I will be ordering this tote (if I can). It's so great to have people that are such great resources and are there to help. Thanks so much! You're the best!
  12. No problem. JAX should have the tote and the clutch. Let me know if they're available through JAX...if not, I will help you find one online!
  13. Thank you! I'll call them and I'll let you know if they're available. You're the best! Thanks so much for helping me make one of my dream bags a reality.
  14. No problem! It was fun! :nuts: