Coach tooled bleecker dilemna

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  1. I bought the Coach limited edition Tooled Bleecker a few months ago. I haven't worn it yet because of the New England weather, but I really am thinking of returning it. I love a large bag, but this is very large and I'm just afraid the Vachetta will get nasty after one season. Any opinions on what to buy. I took returned a green madeline because it had some damage during shipping, but this poor Tooled Bleecker has been sitting around. It's beautiful...but....Same price range would be fine ($800 range) and large. Being as it was only on the website for a week or so, and it is a flashy bag, should I keep???? Thanks!:yahoo:
  2. I'd suggest you check the Louis Vuitton Board and read all about vachetta/patina. It's going to change color (even just from "oxidation.") That might help your decision.

    I have a Coach overnight bag that I bought at the Outlet a couple of years ago. It is a blue cloth with Vachetta trim. I loved the blue - and got it for a steal. I didn't know what vacheta was at the time and didn't notice that it had a "tan line." Lets see if I can describe this so it makes sense. The bag had apparently sat with the handles "open" - lying flat against it. It seems one side got a little more light than the other because you could see the outline of the handle where it layed against the vachetta trim along the bottom of the bag.

    It's not as discernable (I still see it becaue I know where to look) now but overall the vachetta has turned a lovely honey color (and looks even nicer next to the blue.)

    I loved the bag you got - it will will be beautiful when it patinas.
  3. I know that was a very limited bag. Only selected stores got them. I have not seen the purse IRL, but I have seen the matching wallet. It was beautiful...very unique!!! I would keep it. I agree with KKKKate^, it will become a beautiful shade of honey.
    I think it is cool to watch leather "do its thing" over time.
  4. Yes, I was just told at the Coach store today, when I went to look at the Denim Floral Tote 11783 that is smaller, other I do like having a zipper, that the one I bought was only available for less than one week online and only in certain stores. I will probably keep it. I have read about Apple Leather spray and cleaner, and Shining Monkey (although I have no idea where to get this), but I didnt' want to do anything to the bag if I was going to take it back. It is a big bag, which I like. Unfortunately, they didn't make a wristlet. And...convincing myself, I did get it with 25% coupon. So the tote being the only other one I'm interested at the time, the tooled Bleecker is probably the best for the money I spent. Still haven't seen a bag that catches my eye like that one, other than the Carly metallic (too small) and the Juliette for $1100 is just way too much for a Coach bag. (although when I add up all my accessories--don't even go there):smile:):rolleyes:
  5. can we see a pic please?
  6. It's going to age regardless of what spray you use. I wonder if something that large would patina evenly though. And I would not wear denim with it. at all.
  7. I thought that was the most gorgeous bag and when the leather gets more of a patina, it's going to look even better... but, I agree with the previous poster - do not wear with denim. That's why I didn't get this - I have transfer on another vachetta bag I have and I don't wear super cheap jeans - all the dyes suck these days!
  8. Definitely use some sort of protector, perhaps Coach can recommend something, to minimize rain spotting. I remember a thread from a while back that said Coach vachetta is a little more stain resistant than vachetta from other designers. I have a bag with a vachetta strap that darkened to a beautiful, rich tan over the course of several months and any watermarks blended into the new color.
  9. I'm glad you mentioned about Denim. I wear expensive jeans, never know. I have been looking on the LV forum, and they suggested Shining Monkey, and I just purchased a can. I'll send pics after the weekend. I'm heading up to Maine (I have a second home there), and I'll be sure to hit the Kittery and Freeport outlets to look around too:smile:) BTW, Coach recommends nothing because they will not endorse another product, and Coach leather care cannot be used on the bag.
  10. I've had $300 jeans rub off on light leather. Even ones I've washed a bazillion times in hot water.
  11. I would like to see a pic too!
  12. What did you end up doing? I saw this bag at my outlet last week and, stupidly, passed it up. But I couldn't get it out of my head! Called the outlet -- it was gone. Called the 866#, none left. Stopped at the regular Coach store st my local mall and a wonderful SA looked it up and located one for me! Not the outlet price, :sad:, but JAX only listed this ONE bag left. A return, but they promised me it was in 100% perfect condition. Not here yet, but on its way.

    So... I'm wondering if or how I should treat it. I've been an LV girl for awhile now, and treated the vachetta trim on a mono bag and it darkened the leather prematurely, I think.
  13. What bag are you referring to? Can you send a pic? Also, not to be ignorant -- but what is 'Vachetta'? I think you are referring to the cream/ivory-colored duffle w/the tooled flowers? That one was BEAUTIFUL, but I couldn't part w/that kind of money. I bought the Bleecker denim signature version w/the tooled leather flowers. I bought the Dillard's Exclusive duffle-style.
  14. This is the Bleecker Tooled Leather Duffel...

    Re: Vachetta... According to wikipedia, "The leather is left untreated and is therefore susceptible to water and stains. Sunlight will cause the natural leather to darken in shade, called a patina." (Wiki also notes that it was Vuitton who originally made made this type of leather popular as a trim on luggage and handbags.:yes:) It is definitely an UN-dyed, UN-stained, UN-colored leather!
  15. This is the bag I considered, but opted for the denim signature duffle instead. It is BEAUTIFUL. If it was mine, I would DEFINATELY keep it!