Coach to slash prices up to 15% - AND pic of my new coach shoooz!

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  2. That is what a co-worker of mine heard on Chicago radio yesterday. Yipee.
  3. Your shoes are super cute! And thanks for sharing the article. It'll be interesting to see when and if a price reduction actually happens.
  4. Sounds like they are going to cheapen their product more.
  5. They did it when the previous Hamptons collection came out. They reduced the prices right after they came out. If it's been done before.
  6. If everyone is upset how the outlet Legacy's were made using cheaper materials, imagine how the rest of the lines coming out will be.

  7. That's just what I was thinking!!
  8. I agree...I can't stand to even LOOK at the outlet Legacy's...the leather looks so cheap. Not what my FP Legacys look like. I'm glad I have a nice collection...don't see buying much until Coach returns to its high quality merchandise!
  9. ITA....everytime I have went to the outlet in the past when you had a chance to find the old Legacy, the SAs would try to push that new cheapo Legacy..LOL...I always thanks! It kinda looks like a knockoff to me. You cannot replace a good thing w/a cheap thing!
  10. Yes. If they cut the prices, it follows that they may also cut the quality. Too bad. They may also modify their return policy to cut costs.
  11. Not to be Debbie Downer, but if the consumers stop buying retail because they find it months later on sale, kind of causes this to happen. Price drops are caused by decline in profit. Not as much profit comes from outlet purchases, as does when something is bought at full retail. The Legacy line was made of cheaper materials to make it more price friendly, and profit friendly.

    Now I'm not preaching for everyone to stop buying at the outlets, because there is nothing wrong with finding a bargain. Consumers run the retail world, and if consumers are only looking out for themselves, profit drops, prices drop, and then stores close. When stores close, many people are left without jobs.

    I am happy to support Coach and the people that work for them, because I want them to be around for a long time. I will buy retail, I will buy discounted. Just remember, profit is not a dirty word, unless it's done in a dirty manner *coughmacyscough*
  12. *coughmacyscough*:roflmfao:

    I would do the same, buy discounted or full retail. I feel bad when I can't find what I want in the stores and have to resort to ebay, i.e. platinum bridgit. I'd rather buy it full price from coach than online if that means I can get it! Hopefully the price drop helps them enough that they don't have to close as many stores. I would miss my boutique.
  13. ok.... i'm not up on all this business stuff..... so macy*s is dirty?????
  14. During the period they had such a nice Legacy and Hamptons line (Miranda, Leigh, Luci, Lily, Gigi, Mandy, Ali, Francine, Vintage Satchel, Vintage Carryall, etc. etc. etc.) there was so much to pick from...and not enough money! We were told these bags WOULD NOT end up in the outlet, that Coach was doing things different and once they were gone, they were gone. Well, as we know, everything on this list ended up in outlets...maybe not that many pieces...but enough that I and others (and ebay sellers) got their hands on them. Their WOULD NOT didn't mean anything anymore! And, as I find their line not very appealing right now (and for some time), I have gone to Ebay to buy up the remaining bags I didn't get when they were originally out. First, the bags SHOULD NOT have gone to outlet, when they were done they should have been done. Then, all of us that purchased them at FP (which several I and others did) our bags would be more precious! I would buy one bag at FP that I dearly loved if I knew it would remain "only" FP. Coach has done it to themselves. My LV's don't go to outlets, they are still worth what I paid for them. It will be interesting to see what handbags and the quality of them comes from this. I know Coach has to protect the company during this economic crisis...but don't kill it!
  15. What about Macy's?