Coach to launch two new "Lifestyle" lines

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  1. Thanks for the update! I could have totally skipped all the nasty comments from the bagsnobbers tho...what "biaatches" (hope that gets by any censors :sweatdrop:)
  2. i can't believe we have to wait so long to see this stuff!! Cool info to have though.
    Goodness, don't read any further than the article if you don't want to be subjected to "Coach bashing".......

    **edit** P.s. Thanks for posting this Coachfanatic!
  3. Sorry they bash Coach. At least we got to see pictures and besides, they are just snobs anyway. Screw 'em! We love our Coach! :yahoo:
  4. Thanks for the update. Ewww... I would never comment on that thread. That's why I love it here. We are all nice people.
  5. i really cant believe on some of their comments!
    oh well, they r called 'snob', arent they?
  6. HAHA i like the very end of the article where it read that nobody wants to buy their luxury brand right next to a 10 lb box of bananas!!!
  7. "Really, the only handbag designer that remotely deserves to act "snobbish: is Hermes. And Courtney dear, that wasn't the most expensive Coach bag that you bought. Coach has a line of bags that are prices $798 and up. Poor thing, better luck next time. :~( "

    What the #$^#@! DOES THAT MEAN!?! Tacky agitators!
  8. Hahaha,, those snobby wenches. I really wonder if they have any idea how rediculous they sound?? They sound like a bunch of catty jr high kids. All you can do is laugh at people like that, and maybe feel sorry for them.
  9. I think this was posted a while ago, but thanks for posting it again!
  10. I love that some lady said "normally I would never buy Coach, but I did like the winter patchwork line, so I bought the most expensive one". Like spending the most money possible validates her purchase to all her bag snob friends. How tacky!!
  11. some people are great at "hiding behind" the anonymity of the internet... They are just spineless weasels who need to make themselves feel better by putting someone (or something) down, imho.

    Best advice I can give on this is to, "Consider the source!"
  12. Thanks for the info!

    As for the comments, if people buy handbags in an attempt to become something (rich, respected, liked, etc.), they will be sorely disappointed. Handbags don't make us who we are. That's why the person who buys bags based on what they love will always have more class than the person who buys based on what they hope others will think!

    I don't know whether I will love the new lines, but I will be watching for them!
  13. i hate snobs, be it IRL or on the internet
  14. Ohhh yeah. I remember this article. I fell in love with the colorful ergo bag they had on it. I also remember the distinct feeling of disgust that flowed through me when I was reading the responses. Some people have no class whatsoever. And contrary to what they think, money does not give someone class.